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Oh. Hi there. I was... not expecting you to be here yet, eheh. Um. I’m... still working on this page, if you couldn’t tell. Heh. Um. If you don’t realize what this page is supposed to be from the description I gave on my Fanpages page, this is going to be the ULTIMATE guide to Homestuck, for people who both have never read Homestuck before, or for past fans of the series that want some new good HS fan content to munch on.

Obviously, making a giant fan compendium like that is going to take a lot of work and planning, hence the incomplete-ness of it all right now. Sorry. I currently don’t have an estimate of when it’s going to be finished, and considering it’s supposed to be the ultimate guide to Homestuck it’s probably not going to be finished for a long, long while. Sorry. In the meantime, you can check out some of my other fanpages if you’re really bored.

However, there is a reason why I haven’t blocked off access to this site even though it isn’t close to being finished: I want to give current Homestuck fans access to some of the fandom’s best fan content and fan endings that have been produced in the past few years. Despite what most people think, the fandom is still very much alive... if you know where to look. Besides, it’s always kind of bugged me that there isn’t really a good website that has good HS fanstuff recommendations on it, so I just said ‘fuck it’ and made my own. And here I am, letting all of you take a look at it!

Juuuuuust be aware that this is technically an Early Access™ version of the page I want to eventually make, okay? Okay. (Side note: I eventually want to make this cool JS-powered dream bubble-like thing where you can see different endings and canons and AUs and you can sort them by creator, or length or epilogue-compliance or whatever. But that probably won’t happen for a while, especially since I don’t know a lick of JavaScript.)

However, before we begin, there is one thing I need to get out of the way:


The first two or three sections of this unfinished page will only be useful to people who have already read at least a good chunk of Homestuck. If you have not read Homestuck yet, this is probably your only chance to turn back before you get spoiled! If you want to experience Homestuck for yourself (just be warned: it's hella long and confusing!), go to to start reading for yourself. Once you've read at least half of it, come back here. Got it? Good.

Read it? Good. Let's begin. Click on a section below to jump to it:

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Alternate (Post-)Endings

Some people weren't fond with Act 7 and/or the Epilogues, so they made their own endings to cope.
In my opinion, most of them are better than the epilogues, so they're doing something right.

Act 8
by Momo (and other artists)

Act 8 is probably the nicest-looking fan-made ending on the entire site. I haven't read it in ages (because ADHD yay!!!!!) and I really need to start from the beginning, but from what I can remember, it probably has the nicest art out of all of these endings and it actually kind of seems like Official Homestuck Content even though it isn't? I think? Again, I need to read this thing. It has a smaller page count than Act Omega, goddamnit, and yet I just can't bring myself to read it. ARGHSRUHIGsjg--whatever I'm getting off topic.

Go read Act 8. It's good. I think. I'll update this description once I've read it.

Act Omega
by Various Artists

It's an ending very similar to Act 8 (see above). I don't feel it's as good as Act 8, but it's still a fairly good canon-esque interpretation of what happened after Act 7 nonetheless. Although, imo I feel the first 100 pages or so are paced a bit odd, but that's probably mostly because they wanted to speed things up plot-wise for their (now passed) one-year anniversary. I think. I don't think it was the right move, but I understand the reasoning, at least.

Long story short: they're about to go through the victory door, but something not-great happens that needs to be taken care of first. Well, okay I think the same thing happens in Act 8 but you get the point. Go read it.

Mr. Tambourine Man
by odditycollector

Alright, so, I WAS going to explain the plot of this adventure to you, but you should honestly just read it for yourself. It's too good to spoil here. (I'll give you a couple hints, though: it involves John Egbert at the victory door. Not going to say anything more than that.)

It's a really unique idea for an ending, though. The big problem that's brought up because of it doesn't have an obvious solution, and it still really doesn't after the comic running for 4-ish years now. I'm honestly legitimately curious to see how it plays out in the end, and whether John wi—oh wait that's spoilers. Damnit. Also, I feel I should point out that this is more of a fanfic with pictures instead of a straight up MSPFA, especially since a) it reuses a lot of art from Homestuck proper, and b) I originally found a link to this from AO3 (a fanfic site), so there. Fanfic+.

by schiachPerchten

Imagine, if you will, that instead of the Earth C we got in the Credits and the Epilogues, that we got a completely different — yet very similar — planet with more humans, trolls, and mystical creatures than you can count on any of your appendages. You'd have all of the original game-winners, all of Homestuck's surviving trolls and humans, all blending into Earth C society to not make much of a ruckus. (It's for the best, from what I can tell.)

This post-ending focuses on the offspring between Jade Harley and Davepetasprite^2, named Kitty Harley-Leider. To an outsider, it must be somewhat strange being the daughter of two literal gods, but for Kitty she's just kind of going with the flow at this point.

What Kitty's quest is supposed to be is a bit vague, until she goes outside and sees... people in weird outfits with masks. What do they want with Kitty, and why are they stalking her? Will Ma and Dee be able to see Kitty's sweet lil' face again once they return home from the pumpkin patch? And does anyone know why Furbys are so darn creepy???

Also there's a troll in this one who's the daughter of Rosemary, so that's neat.

Burning Down The House
by Victoria LaCroix

Okay, I'm cheating a little bit here, because as of writing this adventure technically hasn't started yet, BUT there's a bonus episode out right now, and it's pretty dang good? Yooou should probably go read that, even if it is a bit short and not neccessarily representative of the adventure itself. I'll update this description when the first update drops. If I don't, remind me, okay?

Again, like I've said about all these other fan-endings: it feels more like a proper continuation of Homestuck than the Epilogues do. And it hasn't even started yet! I don't even know what it's about! But it looks promising enough to be included on here. (Also, MTF Roxy is canon in this, hell yeah!!!!)

Also you: Read the bonus story first.
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Fan Adventures & Fancomics

Of course, there aren't just fan-made endings out there for you to chew on. There's a multitude of
Homestuck fanmedia just waiting to be read and enjoyed! Here are some of my favorites:

Looking for non-Homestuck related MSPFAs? They're over in the Webcomics section.
by ConsueloHigdon

So, you know Spades Slick, right? Well, imagine him except he's on Earth. And no, it's not Earth B or C or whatever, but a completely alternate universe Earth where all the trolls have been humanized. And they all live in a trailer park. Trust me, trust me, it's way more fun than it sounds. The art is great, and the character designs are pretty good too.

The plot is that Spades somehow got teleported into Human Kanaya's home, and the other members of his crew were teleported elsewhere on Earth too. He needs to find the rest of his crew and somehow get back to Skaia(?) before it's too late. It's a really cute story that involves losing friends, making new ones, trying to stab people, and accidentally causing trauma via sprite-flipping. (Also, the beta kids make a cameo appearance!)

Liminal Space
by floral "Logan" marsupial

You remember Paradox Space, right? That one officially-sponsored Homestuck fan comic project that only lasted a few months before dying a cold, unforeseen death, despite having a lot of potential to be a long-running extracanonical series? Well, this is basically a set of Homestuck fan comics, similar to Paradox Space, but more abstract, artsy, and ...psychological? I think.

Despite me not having read all of it, it's still kind of a neat thing to read this alternate prose imposed onto the characters you once (well, hopefully) loved. It's a different take on Homestuck (probably one of the more unique ones, honestly), and I appreciate it solely for it existing. Go read it if you can, it's a lovely stroll down the brain stem and up through the inverse water fountain.

Paradox Space^2
by Various Artists

You remember Paradox Space, ri—waaaaaaait a second.

Okay, long story short, this is basically just a fan continuation of the original Paradox Space comic series. If you don't know what it is, look at the description for Liminal Space that's conveniently right above this one. Or heck, Google it. I don't know, I'm not your dad. Anywho, despite PS^2 having only two comics as of writing, they're both pretty dang good, and I really enjoy the one about John figuring out that syladices and fetch modii can be used to defeat pretty much any end boss of Sburb. If that sounds fun to you, then you should go follow this!

Divine Interference: Cosmic Exertion
by Radical Dude 42

"Some guy wants to play SBURB again."

I don't have much to say about this one except that I love how it manages to almost completely cop Hussie's art style while being a complete shitpost at times. Go read it.

The Tapestry
by Monckat

"Four aliens play a game that’s strikingly similar to SBURB. A lot of strange things occur afterward..."

Okay, that snippet above was written by me back when I had this on my old webcomics page, but it's still not a bad descriptor of the comic, okay? Although, I suppose I should explain a bit more about it...

The plot: four aliens from an alternate universe somehow get a hold of a game that's very similar to SBURB, called Polln'ator. It's less like SBURB and more like Spore, as in you create the lands that SBURB uses for its sessions... I think. It hasn't really been explained yet, but honestly, considering all the other shit that's going on in this comic right now, that's the least of our characters' worries.

Soon after they submit their lands to the SBURB inter-universal complex or whatever, like. four conspiracy theories on the planet they're on start popping up, a ghost companion from Earth appears next to one of the main characters, two of the main characters wake up in this oddly-labyrinthian-as-well-as-Prospi-dersian dream world, and just. A lot happens, okay? It's arguably more batshit than Homestuck in some ways. If that seems like your deal (and you like looking at good art and interesting worldbuilding), then give The Tapestry a try.

by Jephy "rocketandonuts"

"Story about a young troll who lives on an island all by herself. Let’s give her some friends."

No, that troll you see in the thumbnail is not the troll that the above blurb refers to. While this adventure is fun to read and slowly gets better in quality as it goes on, most of the focus is on its side characters. I wouldn't usually recommend an adventure as lopsided as that character-wise, but the plot gets really interesting later on aaaand yeah. I'd tell you more about it but I forgot what it was, so just go read it, okay?

Writing Quadrants: A Guide for Dumbasses
by neomints

"When a renown Alternian comic artist runs out of ideas for their next hit romance, they go to drastic measures to find the pang of inspiration they so desperately need."

I haven't read this one in a while, but here's what I can remember: The long and short of it is that a troll, who is also a seasoned online fiction writer, needs inspiration for her story. So, she calls up a friend of hers that gives her an app that lets her more or less peek on other trolls' lives. Is it spying? Yes, but it's good entertainment, that's what! You'll laugh! You'll cry. You'll be cursing out an accursed circus clown!! Isn't that what fanventures are all about?

Vast Error
by Various Artists

Again. I haven't read this one. The only reason I'm putting this one on here is because I've seen so many people in the HS fandom go nuts for it. Apparently it's a really good story about a bunch of fantrolls, and the plot is just as obtuse as Homestuck's is. Also, there are furries in it, which if you ask me, is a point in its favor. That's all I have to say about it.

Also there's an asshole anime body pillow-having creep in it and he's honestly the reason why I stopped reading the first time soooooo there. Be warned.

Also apparently it has its own website? I guess?
Looking for non-Homestuck related MSPFAs? They're over in the Webcomics section.
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Other Fansites & Fan Ephemera

And here's a list of other Homestuck-related fansites that aren't fanventures.
At least some of them are useful... I think.

The Acts and Pages of Homestuck
by Rafe Saltman

Long story short: this is the ultimate Cliff Notes version of Homestuck. What I mean by this is that The Acts and Pages of Homestuck is a site that describes pretty much every event in Homestuck, page by page, act by act. This is really nice for remembering what the hell happened during the Trickster Arc, for example, and overall it's a nice reference in general.

It gives you both a general written gist about the act you wanted to know more about, and below that it gives you a breakdown of actions by scene, and even links to where they appear on the official Homestuck map when applicable. It's a suuuper-nice resource and the only bad thing about it right now is that it isn't fully complete. I think there's only one or two acts left to write synopses for, but for the most part it's pretty much done. Other than that, you absolutely should take a peek through the Acts and Pages sometime. It's quite a read.

Homestuck Music Wiki
by Florrie

Okay, you should know by this point that Homestuck has had an extensive official OST, contributed to by dozens of artists. Now, imagine that you want to get those albums again in %CURRENTYEAR%. If you look on the Homestuck Bandcamp page now, you'll notice that a lot of albums have been merged together. And worst of all, some solo albums have been removed from the page entirely! Apparently What Pumpkin wanted to simplify the HS Bandcamp library, and while I do understand their intentions, I'm not really a fan of smushing things together to look more neat.

What if I told you that not only can you get links to the removed Bandcamp albums, but also links to over a dozen fan-based albums, and even unofficial HS albums by Music Team alumni? That's where the officially unofficial Homestuck Music Wiki comes in! (and no, I'm not talking about the Wikia one.) It has a fair amount of Homestuck-related music within its digital chambers, and it even has on-site track art and album/track commentary from the authors! I love it when fans make custom-made wikis for things that they enjoy, and this one is no exception. If you enjoy the music of a now-long-since-active webcomic, then get lost within the wiki!

MSPFA Etiquette
by Radical Dude 42

A set of guidelines for anyone wishing to make their own MS Paint Fan Adventure (or webcomic!) one day. I originally had this listed on the webcomics page but considering it's more related to MSPA in general than webcomics in general, I feel it fits better here.

The Jade Pages
by eggramen

A small but adorable tribute to everyone's favorite doggirl, Jade Harley! Includes links to art and music relating to Jade, as well as original fanfics, articles, and more!

the MSPA^2 Forums
by classpectanon

Remember the old MSPA forums? The ones that were suddenly shut down in Spring 2016 because of a data failure? Well, those are still gone forever, BUT in its wake, someone has created a forum specifically designed to be reminescent of the old forums, as well as giving people a place to talk about Homestuck and its various forms without needing to use Reddit or Discord or something similar. Give it a shot!

The Fansim Engine
by GiovanH

Every esteemed Homestuck fan knows about Pesterquest, right? Well, someone much, much more dedicated than I am actually made a set of mod tools to make your very own Pesterquest, with your own conversations and sprites! It's actually fairly complex, and there's already a few games made (or at least being made) with it!

(Okay I don't know if those are all being made with FSE but you get my jist.)

MSPAF^2 forum post
by SpritersBlock

Speaking of Pesterquest-likes, have you thought Pesterquest was nice and all, but it was missing all those extraneous post-Scratch trolls from Act 6? No? Well too bad, because this is what this is. Talk your way into befriending trolls such as Meenah, Mituna, Marlin, Strawman, Japanese Schoolgirl, Nepeta 2.0, Cursed Gamzee, and MORE! Grab the first episode of Befriendus and begin your horrible, horrible friendgremlin adventure!
by Anthony "psychoticBark" Bailey

Okay, so. Have you ever wondered about how long Homestuck is in terms of word count? How about in terms of word count AND Flash count? Have you ever wanted to compare the length of Homestuck to the entire Harry Potter series? Or the Holy Bible? Well, then ReadMSPA is for you! It's one of the few sources of Homestuck-related statistical information, such as how long all the MS Paint Adventures are, and it even breaks it down by chapter/act! (Click the 'stats' link on the front page to get there.)

Revisiting the Homestuck Epilogues
by Victoria LaCroix

The final link in this section, and therefore this entire fanpage for the moment, is... I will admit, a little bit more editorial than the rest of the content I've posted on this page, but it's too good not to be put on here, in my humble opinion.

It's a lengthy article describing how the Homestuck Epilogues are very, very flawed and not nearly as enjoyable to read as mainline Homestuck is. Now, don't get me wrong, Homestuck is not perfect. It has many flaws, and is very long and confusing, but it does have strengths to go along with the weaknesses. The Homestuck Epilogues just seem to turn certain beloved characters into assholes for no good reason, as well as flanderizing several characters, as well as many other missteps. It also lacks the images and Flashes that Homestuck had, which does not help in the slightest. I'd explain more, but honestly you're just better off looking at the article I linked. It's a pretty good read, even if its length rivals the Epilogues themselves /s.


And that's all I have for you right now. Like I said earlier, I'm going to eventually flesh this page out into a full-out customized wiki/guide for getting into Homestuck, but given how slowly I make things, it probably won't come out until 2030 at this rate. Oh well. I hope this tiny page will suffice in the meantime.

I hope you found something you liked here, and if you didn't, then, well, at least I tried. If you have any suggestions for adventures or links that I can add to the page, you know how to get a hold of me. Until then, I'll be seeing you somewhere else in the multiverse. Later.