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UPDATE 12/13/21:
Finally got around to updating this site with a bunch more fanstuff.

Sorry for the long, long wait. A full changelog of this update can be found here!

Oh. Hi there. I was... not expecting you to be here yet, eheh. Um. I’m... still working on this page, if you couldn’t tell. Heh. Um. If you don’t realize what this page is supposed to be from the description I gave on my Fanpages page, this is going to be the ULTIMATE guide to Homestuck, for people who both have never read Homestuck before, or for past fans of the series that want some new good HS fan content to munch on.

Obviously, making a giant fan compendium like that is going to take a lot of work and planning, hence the incomplete-ness of it all right now. Sorry. I currently don’t have an estimate of when it’s going to be finished, and considering it’s supposed to be the ultimate guide to Homestuck it’s probably not going to be finished for a long, long while. Sorry. In the meantime, you can check out some of my other fanpages if you’re really bored.

However, there is a reason why I haven’t blocked off access to this site even though it isn’t close to being finished: I want to give current Homestuck fans access to some of the fandom’s best fan content and fan endings that have been produced in the past few years. Despite what most people think, the fandom is still very much alive... if you know where to look. Besides, it’s always kind of bugged me that there isn’t really a good website that has good HS fanstuff recommendations on it, so I just said ‘fuck it’ and made my own. And here I am, letting all of you take a look at it!

Juuuuuust be aware that this is technically an Early Access™ version of the page I want to eventually make, okay? Okay. (Side note: I eventually want to make this cool JS-powered dream bubble-like thing where you can see different endings and canons and AUs and you can sort them by creator, or length or epilogue-compliance or whatever. But that probably won’t happen for a while, especially since I don’t know a lick of JavaScript.)

However, before we begin, there is one thing I need to get out of the way:


The first two or three sections of this unfinished page will only be useful to people who have already read at least a good chunk of Homestuck. If you have not read Homestuck yet, this is probably your only chance to turn back before you get spoiled! If you want to experience Homestuck for yourself (just be warned: it's hella long and confusing!), go to to start reading for yourself. Once you've read at least half of it, come back here. Got it? Good.

Read it? Good. Let's begin. Click on a section below to jump to it:

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Alternate (Post-)Endings

Some people weren't fond with Act 7 and/or the Epilogues, so they made their own endings to cope.
In my opinion, most of them are better than the epilogues, so they're doing something right.

Sprite's Faves

If you aren't sure where to start, pick one of these first.

Mr. Tambourine Man
Mr. Tambourine Man
by odditycollector

Alright, so, I WAS going to explain the plot of this adventure to you, but you should honestly just read it for yourself. It's too good to spoil here. (I'll give you a couple hints, though: it involves John Egbert at the victory door. Not going to say anything more than that.)

It's a really unique idea for an ending, though. The big problem that's brought up because of it doesn't have an obvious solution, and it still really doesn't after the comic running for 4-ish years now. I'm honestly legitimately curious to see how it plays out in the end, and whether John wi—oh wait that's spoilers. Damnit. Also, I feel I should point out that this is more of a fanfic with pictures instead of a straight up MSPFA, especially since a) it reuses a lot of art from Homestuck proper, and b) I originally found a link to this from AO3 (a fanfic site), so there. Fanfic+.

by schiachPerchten

Imagine, if you will, that instead of the Earth C we got in the Credits and the Epilogues, that we got a completely different — yet very similar — planet with more humans, trolls, and mystical creatures than you can count on any of your appendages. You'd have all of the original game-winners, all of Homestuck's surviving trolls and humans, all blending into Earth C society to not make much of a ruckus. (It's for the best, from what I can tell.)

This post-ending focuses on the offspring between Jade Harley and Davepetasprite^2, named Kitty Harley-Leider. To an outsider, it must be somewhat strange being the daughter of two literal gods, but for Kitty she's just kind of going with the flow at this point.

What Kitty's quest is supposed to be is a bit vague, until she goes outside and sees... people in weird outfits with masks. What do they want with Kitty, and why are they stalking her? Will Ma and Dee be able to see Kitty's sweet lil' face again once they return home from the pumpkin patch? And does anyone know why Furbys are so darn creepy???

Also there's a troll in this one who's the daughter of Rosemary, so that's neat.

Content warnings appear at times within the comic.
there's also a bunch more world lore too
Burning Down The House
Burning Down The House
by Victoria "Vriska" LaCroix

It's what the Homestuck Epilogues should have been, if I'm being honest.

Again, I don't want to spoil too much, but basically it's the Epilogues, but much closer to the spirit of the original Homestuck: a peek into the post-Earth C life we saw in the credits, combined with the 'should we go back and fight the big bad??' dilemma that the Epilogues tried to handle but failed miserably at. BDTH, in contrast, handles it pretty goddamn well in my opinion with actual Flash animations and characterizations of certain characters that aren't god-awful, and basically it's what I expected out of an actual Homestuck 'sequel' of sorts that we never properly got.

While the art and writing styles of BDTH are not completely Hussian, it does a pretty good job of balancing Hussie's original work with the ideas that Victoria brings to the table. It's just Homestuck, but slightly more palatable, but just as epic all the same. I love it, and I really hope the rest of the story is as good as the first half of Act 1 was for me.

In short: Burning Down the House is absolutely worth your time.

Content warnings appear at times within the comic.
Also you: Read the bonus story first.
Failure To Launch
Failure To Launch
by cutelilufo

Alright, so. Most of the picks I've covered so far have been pretty epic in scale. MTM has its [REDACTED], Kittyquest has its [REDACTED][REDACTED], and BDTH has its [DATA EXPUNGED].

What does Failure to Launch have? Charm and relatability, that's what.

The story starts off with a post-victory June Egbert attending a party/robot battle put on by Jake, of course. While there, she meets up with Roxy, Rose, Kanaya, Dave, and Karkat. Conversations ensue. Some serious, some less so.

The thing I like about Failure is that it isn't afraid to have long-winding conversations between people that have no bearing on the plot. Usually this would be a bad thing, but this is Homestuck we're talking about here. It also helps that said conversations are at the very least interesting, and at the very most hilarious. That, combined with the comic's art style, gives off an unmistakable charm that I can't help but appreciate. (My only beef with the writing is that it seems to keep Jane's characterization from the Epilogues, but it's too early to tell for sure as of writing.)

Where the relatability comes in is that June is a person that doesn't really have any direction in life at the moment, and they don't really have their life all together. God, if that ain't a mood. The story hasn't really progressed past the first night as of writing, but from what I can gather, Failure is about figuring yourself out after the end of the world, and hoping that the new world doesn't collapse in on itself during the process.

And that is something I can at least kind of relate to.

CWs: Flashing lights, deadnaming, misgendering, alcohol & drug use, blood.

Secondary Picks

The Homestuck fandom has more fan endings than one might think. I wasn't able to give all of them my complete seal of approval, but the below ones are still pretty good:

Act 8 by Momo (and other artists)
One of the first fan-post-endings to Homestuck. Only putting it down here because I still haven't read it. Whee.
Act Omega by Various Artists
Same as Act 8, but it's just ever-so-slightly different. Not my favorite of the bunch, but still worth your time.
A fan-made alternative to the lackluster Homestuck^2. I feel some of the writing is a bit forced in the earlier parts, but I'm hoping the quality of this adventure increases over time.
Homestuck: Subscript by Various Artists
Out of all of the endings on this list, this is probably the weakest out of all of them (and it's currently unfinished), but I'm still gonna put it here because I can tell that somebody cared about this project.
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Fan Adventures & Fancomics

Of course, there aren't just fan-made endings out there for you to chew on. There's a multitude of
Homestuck fanmedia just waiting to be read and enjoyed! Here are some of my favorites:

Looking for non-Homestuck related MSPFAs? They're over in the Webcomics section.

Sprite's Faves

If you aren't sure where to start, pick one of these first.

by ConsueloHigdon

So, you know Spades Slick, right? Well, imagine him except he's on Earth. And no, it's not Earth B or C or whatever, but a completely alternate universe Earth where all the trolls have been humanized. And they all live in a trailer park. Trust me, trust me, it's way more fun than it sounds. The art is great, and the character designs are pretty good too.

The plot is that Spades somehow got teleported into Human Kanaya's home, and the other members of his crew were teleported elsewhere on Earth too. He needs to find the rest of his crew and somehow get back to Skaia(?) before it's too late. It's a really cute story that involves losing friends, making new ones, trying to stab people, and accidentally causing trauma via sprite-flipping. (Also, the beta kids are in it!!)

Liminal Space
Liminal Space
by floral "Logan" marsupial

You remember Paradox Space, right? That one officially-sponsored Homestuck fan comic project that only lasted a few months before dying a cold, unforeseen death, despite having a lot of potential to be a long-running extracanonical series? Well, this is basically a set of Homestuck fan comics, similar to Paradox Space, but more abstract, artsy, and ...psychological? I think.

Despite me not having read all of it, it's still kind of a neat thing to read this alternate prose imposed onto the characters you once (well, hopefully) loved. It's a different take on Homestuck (probably one of the more unique ones, honestly), and I appreciate it solely for it existing. Go read it if you can, it's a lovely stroll down the brain stem and up through the inverse water fountain.

Paradox Space^2
Paradox Space^2
by Various Artists

You remember Paradox Space, ri—waaaaaaait a second.

Okay, long story short, this is basically just a fan continuation of the original Paradox Space comic series. If you don't know what it is, look at the description for Liminal Space that's conveniently right above this one. Or heck, Google it. I don't know, I'm not your dad. Anywho, all of the comics on offer are pretty dang good, and I really enjoy the one about Dave Strider's classmates. If all of that sounds fun to you, then you should go follow this!

by apocalypticTaco

Have you ever wondered how the titular characters of Homestuck feel about themselves and the world around them? More specifically, have you ever wanted to see a SBURB-winning troll go to therapy? That's basically what Therapystuck is, a conversation between a Earth C licensed therapist carapacian (therapacian?) and our good dear friend Sollux Captor. Trust me on this one, it's more interesting than it sounds.

Sburb Done Quick
Sburb Done Quick
by iSmile02

You know speedrunning, right? Like the gaming phenomenon where people try to finish a video game as fast as possible? Try applying that to a video game that is basically the entire apocalypse. I can't possibly imagine the amount of variables and real-world dangers that would factor into this, but apparently two people have managed to get a sub-hour time while doing it?? SDQ is an adventure that answers a question that nobody asked: "is it possible to speedrun SBURB??" Shenanigans, strats, and wallclips ensue. Absolutely worth the read, considering it's short and oddly hilarious at times.

Secondary Picks

Of course, the Homestuck fandom being the Homestuck fandom, there are tons of fanventures to choose from. Here are the ones I still like, but not quite enough to make the Sprite's list:

Synchronized by breezv
"Four kids try to play the Alpha release of SBURB in 2011, not knowing that they are not the only ones who want to join in on their game. Teenage banter and shenanigans ensue."
Off Topic by PeHaga
Hiveswap, except slightly more fucked up.
CW: Verbal abuse.

I don't have much to say about this one except that I love how it manages to almost completely cop Hussie's art style while being a complete shitpost at times. Go read it.

Needing inspiration, a young Alternian romance novel writer indirectly and reluctantly turns to stalking others for ideas.
Vast Error by Various Artists
I haven't read this one, but I heard it's good.
Hivelost by Jephy "rocketandonuts"
"Story about a young troll who lives on an island all by herself. Let’s give her some friends."
The Tapestry by Monckat

"Four aliens play a game that’s strikingly similar to SBURB. A lot of strange things occur afterward..."

Stockholm by desmormos
"A troll unwillingly plays someone else's game."
When a young purpleblood finally grows up to be drafted into the Alternian army, shenanigans and more shenanigans ensue.
This comic is NSFW. Don't read it if you're under 18!!!
Two characters from a webcomic somehow end up in a convention based around that certain webcomic. Nothing else of note happens.
CW: R-slurs.
Theiastuck by Demon of Light
An old-as-heck unfinished adventure from when the MSPA Forums still existed. It's about the trolls somehow finding their way onto Earth and meeting their respective beta kids.
Guidestuck by scarvenrot
Homestuck, except the guides (e.g. Bec, Jasper) are now humans, and the humans are now guides. Now has an unofficial continuation!
Heinoustuck by Yorsh
Homestuck, but with a tinge of Lovecraftian horror mixed within. Unfortunately cut short at a young age.
CW: Body horror.
Looking for non-Homestuck related MSPFAs? They're over in the Webcomics section.
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Other Fansites & Fan Ephemera

And here's a list of other Homestuck-related fansites that aren't fanventures.
At least some of them are useful... I think.

Sprite's Faves

Start with these, pretty please.

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection
The Unofficial Homestuck Collection
by Bambosh

Short version: The Unofficial Homestuck Collection is a downloadable program for your PC that contains the entirety of Homestuck and its side comics (SBAHJ, Namco High, etc.) as well as an embedded copy of Flash Player so you can read the comic the way it was meant to be read, without having to resort to the walkabouts being converted into static images (or Viz fucking things up). Whether you're a new reader or a Homestuck oldhead, this collection is a great way to get (back) into Homestuck without too much fuss.

Long version: (click to expand)

So. You want to read Homestuck in %CURRENTYEAR%.

I getcha, I getcha. But see, the thing is: Homestuck is a comic hosted on the internet. And you know how things on the internet seem to disappear or change after a few years due to either disuse, disinterest, or other outside forces. Like GeoCities, y'know.

While you can still read Homestuck by going on over to the official website and reading it from there... a lot of what made Homestuck Homestuck has either been changed or removed entirely. Case in point: the flashes. Remember those? On, most of the flashes you know and love have either been converted to YouTube videos with decent quality at best, or they've just been converted into static images at worst. What's worse is that some of the more interactive Flash pages have been converted to a list of boring HTML links, due to Flash unfortunately being labelled verboten by most browser manufacturers now. What's even worse than that is that the owners of (Viz Media) have done a such shit job of keeping up the site to the point that clicking '==>' on some pages will NOT WORK and you'll have to edit the URL in your address bar manually to get to the next page.

To be fair, it used to be a lot worse until Viz fixed most of the smaller problems a while back, but this is still unacceptable to me. Sure, you could chalk it up to Hussie not giving a rat's ass about HS anymore and the Viz team being pretty damn incompetent, but it still sucks seeing a webcomic of this calibre in a state that is less than what it once was.

Thankfully, someone actually had the bright idea to archive pretty much every part of the main comic including bonus Homestuck-y ephemera (and excluding post-canon), and to put it all into one easy-to-install downloadable package so that if ever goes offline, you can sleep safely at night knowing that the ouija clown penis will forever be enshrined within the depths of your hard drive.

Enter The Unofficial Homestuck Collection, an archive of the Homestuck comic and then some, put together by a guy called Bambosh. It's more or less a portable web browser that's specifically designed to display Homestuck-related materials. With it, you can read the comic with the original Flashes fully intact, and it allows you to change the theme and the font of Homestuck itself to suit your needs. There's also a feature that blocks off all the extra content if you haven't read the comic yet, and it gradually unlocks as you get to certain pages in the comic. Heck, there's even mod support coming in a future version!

I am so, so thankful that the Homestuck fandom still has people like Bambosh and Gio in it so that Homestuck can be... enjoyed??? Witnessed?? Read???? by future generations. The only major beef I have is that you can't use it on mobile, but let's be real: Homestuck kinda isn't really meant for smartphone screens anyhow, so this isn't really a huge downside. If you want the best possible way to relive your teenage Homestuck years, TUHSC is by and large the best way to do it.

The Acts and Pages of Homestuck
The Acts and Pages of Homestuck
by Rafe Saltman

Long story short: this is the ultimate Cliff Notes version of Homestuck. What I mean by this is that The Acts and Pages of Homestuck is a site that describes pretty much every event in Homestuck, page by page, act by act. This is really nice for remembering what the hell happened during the Trickster Arc, for example, and overall it's a nice reference in general.

It gives you both a general written gist about the act you wanted to know more about, and below that it gives you a breakdown of actions by scene, and even links to where they appear on the official Homestuck map when applicable. It's a suuuper-nice resource and the only bad thing about it right now is that it isn't fully complete. I think there's only one or two acts left to write synopses for, but for the most part it's pretty much done. Other than that, you absolutely should take a peek through the Acts and Pages sometime. It's quite a read.

Homestuck Music Wiki
Homestuck Music Wiki
by Florrie

Okay, you should know by this point that Homestuck has had an extensive official OST, contributed to by dozens of artists. Now, imagine that you want to get those albums again in %CURRENTYEAR%. If you look on the Homestuck Bandcamp page now, you'll notice that a lot of albums have been merged together. And worst of all, some solo albums have been removed from the page entirely! Apparently What Pumpkin wanted to simplify the HS Bandcamp library, and while I do understand their intentions, I'm not really a fan of smushing things together to look more neat.

What if I told you that not only can you get links to the removed Bandcamp albums, but also links to over a dozen fan-based albums, and even unofficial HS albums by Music Team alumni? That's where the officially unofficial Homestuck Music Wiki comes in! (and no, I'm not talking about the Wikia one.) It has a fair amount of Homestuck-related music within its digital chambers, and it even has on-site track art and album/track commentary from the authors! I love it when fans make custom-made wikis for things that they enjoy, and this one is no exception. If you enjoy the music of a now-long-since-active webcomic, then get lost within the wiki!

by Victoria LaCroix

Are you one of those people that like to write Homestuck-related fanfiction with oodles of Pesterlogs within them? Well, here's a tool that will make adding said logs to your story just a little bit easier. Pesterlogger is an online editor that automatically adds proper formatting to your character writing. (You'll still have to add the quirks yourself, unfortunately.) Just start typing a character name followed by a colon, followed by your writing (e.g. JUNE: what the fuck is going on), and voilá! You've got color! Super-duper useful for adding color-coded conversations to your writing, and you can easily export your conversations to places like AO3 and MSPFA.

Revisiting the Homestuck Epilogues
Revisiting the Homestuck Epilogues
by Victoria LaCroix

The final link in this section (and therefore this entire fanpage for the moment) is... I will admit, a little bit more editorial than the rest of the content I've posted on this page, but it's too good not to be on here, in my humble opinion.

It's a lengthy article describing how the Homestuck Epilogues are very, very flawed and not nearly as enjoyable to read as mainline Homestuck is. Now, don't get me wrong, Homestuck is not perfect. It has many flaws, and is very long and confusing, but it does have strengths to go along with the weaknesses. But in my personal opinion, The Homestuck Epilogues just seems content with turning certain beloved characters into assholes without much of an excuse, as well as flanderizing several other characters and many other missteps. It also lacks the images and Flashes that Homestuck had, which I suppose is fine, but for an official Homestuck followup I was hoping it would have at least a little bit of visuals to go with it. I'd explain more, but honestly you're just better off looking at the article I linked. It's a pretty good read, even if its length rivals the Epilogues themselves (/s).

she wrote an article about hs^2 as well

Secondary Picks

You know the drill by now, I'm hoping.

The Jade Pages by eggramen

A small but adorable tribute to everyone's favorite doggirl, Jade Harley! Includes links to art and music relating to Jade, as well as original fanfics, articles, and more! by Anthony "psychoticBark" Bailey
Contains a bunch of HS-related stuff, but the most interesting thing by far is the stats page. Wanna see how long Homestuck is compared to the Holy Bible? Look no further!
the MSPA^2 Forums by classpectanon
Remember the old, long-dead MSPA Forums? Someone made a replacement for them. It's not nearly as active as the forums of yore, but if you want to talk to people about all things Homestuck, then why not give it a shot?
Wanna make your own Pesterquest clone? The Fansim Engine makes it easy by allowing you to modify the heck out of the official Homestuck visual novels.
Befriendus by SpritersBlock

It's a fan-made Friendsim game, but this time you're dating all the ancestors instead! Not my thing, but I could totally see the appeal. by Skyplayer

It's a small-ish website that contains a few things: 1) A complete changelog of the website, 2) a few resources, 3) some original HS-related games, 4) and a link to a podcast I haven't listened to yet. It's not a whole lot of content, but it's worth mentioning here nonetheless.


And that's all I have for you right now. Like I said earlier, I'm going to eventually flesh this page out into a full-out customized wiki/guide for getting into Homestuck, but given how slowly I make things, it probably won't come out until 2030 at this rate. Oh well. I hope this tiny page will suffice in the meantime.

I hope you found something you liked here, and if you didn't, then, well, at least I tried. If you have any suggestions for adventures or links that I can add to the page, you know how to get a hold of me. Until then, I'll be seeing you somewhere else in the multiverse. Later.