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This page contains links to webcomics that Spriteclad themselves approves of. Give them your attention, if you will.

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Story-based Comics

Angel's Advocate
by Chelsea

Since the dawn of human civilization, the metaphor of a angel and a devil appearing on your shoulders when you're about to make a moral choice has been relatable to a lot of people. ...but what if the angel and devil didn't have the moral stances that one would expect?

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Argon Zark!
by Charley Parker

Really old comic about the internet. Still updates, believe it or not!

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by KC Green and Anthony 'Nedroid' Clark

A western fantasy comic about the end of the world. Shenanigans ensue, and lots of interesting characters are met along the way.

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by Suzanne Geary

When a college girl moves into a new house, she actually gets into much more than she bargained for...

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by Nicole Sands

A human wakes up in a world filled with eccentric non-human entities. It's up to them to figure out how to survive in this world that treats humans like dirt.

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by Kayla Miller

When Riley Russell manages to take on an alternate super-powered identity by accidentally getting eletrocuted by some rogue fruit punch... life starts to get a bit more complicated.

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Crossed Wires
by Iris Jay

It's Hackers meets Second Life. What more can you possibly want? (And yes, there are furries. Lots of them.)

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Decrypting Rita Finished
by Margaret Trauth

A webcomic that more or less takes place in four parallel universes at the same time. It sounds weird, but just go along with it.

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Dreamspace / Drugs and Wires
by Mary Safro and Io Black

Two comics (one being a successor to the other) that are VERY cyberpunk and i love their aesthetic. Though, if you're new to the series, I highly recommend reading the first three Dreamspace comics first.

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Drop-Out Finished
by Dupe "pluralthey"

Two girls plan to commit suicide by diving into the Grand Canyon. They soon realize that the trip might be harder than they thought.
(Contains heavy stuff that might not be suitable for younger viewers. Obviously.)

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Fisheye Placebo
by Yuumei

What good is privacy if it doesn't exist?

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by Ashanti Fortson

A queer space fantasy webcomic about Farah escaping her old job by stowing away on an unknown ship. Fantastic space adventures ensue!

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Harlowe Vanished
by Amy King, Kay King, and Sam Langenfeld

When Harlow decides to seemingly off herself by jumping into water, she ends up not being in the place she was thinking she would be...

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by Lilly "saccharinesylph" Higgs

There's a spirit in the woods, and it's looking for someone to be friends with.

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Honey Crab
by Rebecca "Supercar" Harding

Has the best presentation out of any webcomic I've ever seen (you can name the main character, for Pete's sake). Basically, it's about a girl who ends up getting magical crab powers.

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Homestuck Finished
by Andrew Hussie

One of my favorite webcomics. But be wary, because it is LOOOOONG. (Longer than the entire Harry Potter series.) But I've been reading since 2009 and I've been hooked ever since. Hard to explain. Get ready to read for a week if you take the plunge.

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Homestuck: Act Omega
by Various Artists

A fan-made continuation that takes place right after Homestuck's canon ending. (Better than the Epilogues, in my opinion imo.)
(Don't read this unless you've read Homestuck or else you'll *spoil* all the fun!!!)

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Homestuck: Act 8
by Various Artists

Basically the same thing as Act Omega, but by a different team. (Has slightly better art.)
(Don't read this unless you've read Homestuck or else you'll *spoil* all the fun!!!)

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Hopping Gills
by Herny

"Hopping Gills follows Kip, a young wannabe hero, trying to make it into the industry. However, his pursue takes an unexpected turn when he meets up with Priscilla, a confident self-proclaimed adventurer who shares the same dreams as him, but appears to have some different methods on how to achieve them."

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by Eve G. Wood

In this world, many people end up getting superpowers at a young age, and are therefore required to go to academies to hone their skills and learn how to make use of them. However, there is one person who is still there that should have graduated long ago...

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Kid Radd Finished
by Dan Miller

A video game character ends up escaping his game and entering many others. Adventures, drama, and twists ensue!

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by Cate Wurtz

BUNCHA great comics made by one girl. I highly recommend checking out crow cillers first.

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Log Date
by Haley "hkasof"

"A scientist named Emory goes into space on a three year expedition. Although a solo mission, he begins to realize he isn't as alone as he thinks he is."

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Meta & Nilla
by Ricky Bieniek

A cute pixel-based comic (in a similar style to Kid Radd) that involes a cute couple and the lives that revolve around them.

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by Jairus "SharpiBees" B.

"[This comic] takes place in modern society where the usage of magic has been quietly integrated. [...] Remy, a young magician, has accidentally summoned an unknown breed of demon. Due to unexpected conditions in their demon summoning contract, the two are bound together to fulfill its requirements."

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by Shelby & Danny Cragg

Space girl goes on space adventures... right? (no longer updating -- currently being novelized)
This gets preetttty dark. Don't let the art style fool you.

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Night Physics
by Austin Holcomb

Abstract furry webcomics that are a treat to read.

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Oddity Woods
by Kay "cygulls" D.

Two kids and a ghost dog solving mysteries in a haunted forest. Has sort of a Gravity Falls-esque vibe to it.

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Ozzie the Vampire
by Eric Lide

A vampire and their friends fight hard to protect the most sacred of lands (New Jersey) from demons and other such nonsense.

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by poweredbygif

Two different beings from two different planets somehow end up in each other’s rooms overnight, with their doors being locked from the inside. Shenanigans ensue.

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by M. Falke

When a teacher at a young boy's high school gives them a device that changes their life forever, can said boy figure out how to balance school and saving the world?

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Pencil Pup
by Megan Brennan

A girl ends up getting stuck in a cute four-panel comic with a dog with pencils for paws. Shenanigans ensue.

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Sammie Squirrel
by nini

A tale following the daily life of Sammie, an unemployed cartoon actor looking for a golden opportunity to get himself back into the world of show business.

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Starward Lovers Finished
by Miki Brewster

A girl falls in love with another girl, which turns out to be the captain of a secret space protectorate. Long story short, said girl ends up being in the force and gay space shenanigans ensue... or so we thought.

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by Yves Bourgelas

A comic about a kid who moves into a new town, and soon enough figures out that superheroes are real.

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Total Party Kiss!
by Kat Forster and Elly Beck

The most queer (and inclusive!) game of D&D happens and it's very very good.

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by Serpyra / prpldrpls

"Vindicaris is a scifi/action comic about Periodica: soldiers of the Periodic Elements. The story follows Ces and Sel: two rogue Periodica on their quest for revenge against their own creators. Along the way, they must combat gangs, other Periodica, and their own moral conflicts."
Can get violent at times. You've been warned.

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The Rock Cocks (18+ NSFW)
by Brad & Leslie Brown

DON'T CLICK UNLESS YOU'RE OVER 18. A band comprised of a dating duo gets people at the local music venue to... well, I won't put it here because children could be on this site.
seriously don't click if you're under 18 i will cut you

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Suggestion-based adventures

Adventures that are (or, at least were) mostly driven by viewer suggestions/commands.

All Night Laundry
by Zach Hall

You are at a laundromat in the middle of the night. Shenanigans ensue. (Updates daily!)

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Another Me
by MistytpedNaem

"People, inner demons, and literal demons too."

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Colony Corps
by Edspear

You're yet another soldier working for the interstellar Colony Corps wheeeen your plane crashes. What now?

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Divine Interference: Cosmic Exertion
by Radical Dude 42

"Some guy wants to play SBURB again."

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by Jephy "rocketandonuts"

"Story about a young troll who lives on an island all by herself. Let’s give her some friends."

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Last Day Cancelled
by David Oneacre

It's your last day at work. Can you make it to 5PM without anything weird happening?

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by Kazerad

You are just another ordinary Khajit living in Oblivion. Can you not mess things up enough in order to finish your journey?

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There's Something in the Woods
by phantasm

"A boy tries to explore the local woods. It doesn't go as well as planned."

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The Tapestry
by Monckat

Four aliens play a game that’s strikingly similar to SBURB. A lot of strange things occur afterward...

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Writing Quadrants: A Guide for Dumbasses
by neomints

"When a renown Alternian comic artist runs out of ideas for their next hit romance, they go to drastic measures to find the pang of inspiration they so desperately need."

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Joke-based / slice of life comics

Brawl in the Family Finished
by Matthew Taranto

A bunch of Nintendo characters get into silly situations! (And there are arcs as well!!)

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Postcards in Braille Finished
by Coni Yovaniniz

A blind man and his girlfriend and several other friends all have fun times together. Also features the worst band I have ever heard.

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Square Root of Minus Garfield
by Various Artists

Community-contributed daily comic that parodies Garfield. I've even made a strip or two on the site. Also a good supplier of pudding pops.

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by Randall Munroe

It's XKCD. Do I need to say anything else?

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Other webcomic-related ephemera

MSPFA Etiquette
by Radical Dude 42

Not really an adventure, but more of a set of guidelines for anyone wishing to make their own MS Paint Fan Adventure (or webcomic!) one day.

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