written on 2018-09-08 by Spriteclad

quick (but big!) update: i made it so that all pages on the site display properly on phones and tablets. turns out forgetting one line of code doesn’t make your site scale down properly on iphones, oops. (i hope this doesn’t break css in older browsers, though…) i also tidied up the directory a little bit, and i’ll also be adding a bunch more stuff to it soon, hopefully.

in the meantime, i might actually get around to making a youtube video before the year ends. no promises, but if i do end up making it i’ll let you all know here.

sorry for the lack of updates recently. i don’t always have the time (or energy) to update here, so you may only see them at their usual a-few-times-a-year pace, but do know that i’d like to be writing here more.

happy very early halloween,

Happy Easter!

written on 2018-04-01 by Spriteclad

Hey, everyone, just checking in (to make sure the site isn’t dead as a doornail with regards to blog posts). I’ve been doing (relatively) fine. I hope you have a happy Easter this year!! Go eat some chocolate eggs and whatnot. Oh, uh, and we’ve gotten emails about the site looking… off to some people in some browsers. I haven’t been able to replicate any of the bugs they’re talking about, but I’ll do my best to squash them within the next few weeks. Sorry if you’re having trouble with the site during this time, and I hope everyone has a fantastic April 1st! ;)

Check your calendar,
Worst At Everything, Ever

EDIT: Happy April Fools’ day! Hope you enjoyed this year’s site prank. :>

…and we’re back.

written on 2018-03-10 by Spriteclad

Welcome back to Spriteclad.com.

If you have eyes, you might have noticed that things look a bit… different around here. That’s because I’ve improved the site structure juuuuuuust a little bit. Just a tiny bit. Oh, and I added a logo and navbar and new footer and just gave the site design the touch-up it so desperately needed. This has been the first UI-based redo of the website in a couple years, and I spared no expense in turning this place into a slightly-better website.

I’m not going to call this Spriteclad 4.0 yet, though, because I don’t think the design change is big enough to warrant that. When 4.0 eventually (hopefully) does come out, it’ll be a ginormous design and content update that will hopefully make you think ‘Huh. That’s neat.’ when you look at it from your hyper-4D VR goggles. But, uh, I’m going to save the details on that for a later date, because right now I’m going to talk more about the recent Spriteclad 3.5 update.

First of all, I re-did the CSS quite a bit. I had some help from my friends with this, and for that I thank them plentifully. Secondly, I added a constant navbar and footer to all of the pages… that DON’T use JavaScript includes for once?! Yep! With the power of this magic web-elixir I used called Jekyll, it was really easy to just make a web-template with the header and footer on it, and just stamp the page content onto it for each individual page. So I gotta hand it to the Jekyll folks as well for making a pretty-darn-neat static site generator.

I do also plan to remake the front page / splash page sometime Soon(TM), but I just haven’t had many ideas for them quite yet. In the meantime, I’ve polished up a few of the pages and tried to make them more consistent with the new design. I also plan to HOPEFULLY write new site articles this year. (No guarantees, though.) So, uh, yeah. That pretty much covers it for this update.

Oh, and yeah, there’s only one page background for the time being, because having streched-out sunset backgrounds isn’t very appealing to me. So until I cook up some more tiled backgrounds, the temporary one I’m using will have to do.

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written on 2017-09-16 by Spriteclad

HEYO, I’m back. For now. The reason I’m updating this conksunk blog is because I made a DOOOOOOOOOOOOM fanpage. It’s good. It has a lot of links to mods and more. Go check it out. The second reason I’m currently writing in this blog is because I’ve updated a bunch of the site without a) incrementing the version or b) writing about it in the changelog. Sorry. I’ve just had these ideas for minor site changes in my head for a bit now, and I feel piling them up into a big site update just feels like I’m wasting time. So yeah, I’ll probably just do minor updates around the site and then occasionally write changelogs that review all the minor changes I’ve made in the past few weeks or so. When a BIG site update comes out, I’ll let you know in advance. Don’t worry.

And that’s about it, I think. New splash page coming soon. I think.

Brought to you by,
Amateur Hell Baron

welcome back.

written on 2017-01-19 by Spriteclad

welp, the site’s back. hi. how’s it been, fellas? been a while, yep.


[awkward silence]

so, uh. welcome to my new direction for the site. it’s a lot less 90’s, and i’m very proud of that fact. the only reason i had my old site be old-school html is so that it could work with old computers (you know, the kind that vintage computer collectors, well, collect.) i am sadly retiring this aspect of the site and now everything is html5-and-css3 powered. sorry about that. (not sorry.) however, i have since uploaded a page filled with websites (that are STILL UP, MIND YOU) that work on older browsers and older hardware. so go check that out if you find that to be interesting.

but yeah, everything’s back. the works page is down for now (again) but that’s because i’m going to prettify it this time instead of having it be a list of links that nobody will click on. i also added a “junk” page for all the pages on this site that have almost no purpose (like the old sites page i just mentioned).

i’m also going to be putting up a new article soon that involves me going through the “Random” section on neocities’ websites page and posting what cool new sites i find. i think i’ll make it an ongoing series.

FINALLY, and this is the most important thing i wanted to talk about: this website will not be my main form of expression from myself. oh, no no no. i am going to mainly be focusing on making videos for my youtube channel, and this website will be a supplement to that. the first video i upload will be a top 10 list (cliche, i know) of the top 10 games i’m hyped for for 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2094 / whatever. i also plan to make more obscure game review videos, videos on games that were never finished, and i’m also going to do a series on just… weird tech stuff that nobody else but me has heard of, pretty much. it’s gonna be big in 2017. just you wait.

anyways, that’s all for now.

see y’all on the flipside,
01-12-2017 12:21 pm