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Sburbanthology 0.2: "The Long Overdue Update (oops)"

released on December 13, 2021

Sorry for taking so long with this one. You know how bad ADHD can get, eheh...


  • Added the 'Sprite's Faves' and 'Secondary Picks' sections
  • Redid the secondary button designs for the picks
  • Slightly redid the description for Revisiting the Homestuck Epilogues (and added a secondary button to it) & Paradox Space^2
  • Added dope-as-heck "NEW!" notifications for new additions to the page
  • Added CSS for 'long version' descriptions (see the entry for The Unofficial Homestuck Collection)

  • Added the following to Post-Endings:
    • Failure to Launch
    • Homestuck^2 2: Taking Back Canon
    • Homestuck: Subscript
  • Added the following to Fan Adventures:
    • Therapystuck
    • Sburb Done Quick
    • Synchronized
    • Off Topic
    • Stockholm
    • I'm Good, I'm Gone
    • Karkat Goes to a Convention
    • Theiastuck
    • Guidestuck
    • Heinoustuck
  • Added The Unofficial Homestuck Collection to Other Links


  • Moved a bunch of stuff to the Secondary Picks sections
  • Slightly reworked the footer text (and updated the copyright year, yeesh)