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A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge
Late-90s aesthetic on the web done right. Contains a huge cache of 88x31 buttons.

Arkm's World
One more shift ought to do it.

Clover Irvine
Another neat and aesthetical personal site made by a good-hearted person. I like their music reviews.
(Note: site may look funky in Chrome.)

Cute modern website owned by a cool content creator.

This guy has an entire section of his site devoted to reviewing old websites that are still online. That should be more than enough to get you to visit.

A simple guestbook.

I like this person for their Windows 95 UI writings. And their AOL discoveries. And other such articles.

Lilac Lynx
Lots of cool stuff on here. There's an entire section on here dedicated to the old game "Petz."

Lily's Flower Garden
The cute website of a cute background pony on the internet!!

Like Home
A nice, pleasant home page with links to cool color-cycling graphics from an obscure Windows 3.1 program.

The blog of a man who has been on the internet since 1994. You should also watch the documentary on them, it's really interesting stuff.

Lulu's Home in Cyberspace
Radical space. A cute personal homepage with photography, writings, and more. (Also check out the author's older site.)

Cool mid-2000s personal homepage design! I also love all the habbo stuff and music video gifs, hah!

Marijn's Page NEW!
An eccentric yet neatly-laid out collection of works about Greek mythology, tagged links to other webpages, and more!

Matthew Furman On-Line
This site feels like it's from 1999, but it's from 2009. Still being updated. There are a lot of sub-sites.

novov NEW!
Even more eccentric pages about software, links, coat-of-arms-es, and an interactive art gallery that's laid out like an art gallery floor map (and it even has working restrooms)!!

Rachel Stuckey
Cool person who does art-y things, and very internet-y things.

A website I found that hosts interesting visual spectacle and other such nonsense. Or something like that.

Teddybear Halo
A very cutesy website that contains many different shrines and articles to different niches, as well as a series about this person's journey through the Internet when they were young.

Zach Mandeville
A coooooooool bean with a somewhat brutalist website.


Cameron's World
The BEST tribute to the 90's web I've EVER seen, holy crap! It's so big the scrolling even lags my computer! (sort of)

I honestly don't know how to explain this one. It's some guy's portfolio too.
(Requires Flash.)

A cool set of pages by a single artist. Keep hitting "euh?" for best results.
(Flash and Shockwave recommended. Use the 32-bit version of Pale Moon for best results.)

I feel this guy. I know what he's been through.

An indie netcollage that's been up since the late 90s. There's a bunch of cool sections in here. One of my favorite antique websites.

The Soviet Union is history. Who's next? Any volunteers?


A sort of HTML5 'operating system' that's sort of like Windows 95? It's really cool to mess around with, that's for sure.


Other Neat Places on the Web

Random Tilde Page
Don''t know where else to go? Use this link that takes you to a random tilde page on any tilde box!

A blog finding websites that haven't updated in ages and are still up! Ironically, the blog itself hasn't been updated in a while and is still up. You have a feeling this website is trying to tell you something.

404 Research Lab
A website that collects A WHOLE BUNCH of cool 404 pages! Used to go on this site quite a bit back when I was a wee lad.

Albino Blacksheep
One of my FAVORITE animation portals of all time. Updating since 2004.

The Chickenstreet Project
The spiritual successor to Mr. Wong's Soupartments! (See below.)

A place to read, write, discuss, and socialize. Since 1999. Basically a proto-Wikipedia/Medium/whatever.

Ezn's Writing Guide
Originally written for people who write FiM fanfiction, this writing guide applies to anyone who wants to improve their writing, whether they're writing a TwilightxSunset fanfic or not.

A very 95-styled website with loads of links to cool software and other stuff.

Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music
Created sometime in the early 2000s (before FINALLY being updated in 2019), before post-internet electronic genres were a thing (e.g. vaporwave, witch house, EDM, etc), one man named Ishkur set out to graph all the different genres and subgenres that made up (pretty much) the entirety of electronic music. AND THE RESULT IS FREAKING AMAZING. Seriously. This is one of those sites where the first time around you THINK you've seen all the content, but then you come back six months later and you find something you actually missed. (It'll happen about two or three times with this site.) It's freakin' fantastic and I hope it stays online forever. Go get lost in the copious amounts of music nichery! (although it may be vaguely edgy at times, oops.)

Mermeliz's Comic Chat Page
Download Comic Chat, Comic Chat characters, and other program downloads right here on this page!

Museum of ZZT
A site showcasing almost every level made with Tim Sweeney's own level-building ASCII-based top-down DOS adventurer, ZZT. Filled with reviews and levels galore!

Mr. Wong's Soup'Partments
A HUGE pixelart tower collaboration worked on by hundreds of pixelartists! Still one of the tallest pixel towers on the internet!*
*unless you count Habbo Hotel

Nathan's Toasty Technology Page
An old, still-updating tech site that has a GUI gallery, and a page describing how much Internet Explorer sucks (well, sucked before Edge came along and made it better.)

The Obscuritory
A site that goes into detail of all the forgotten PC games of the 90s and late 80s! It's kind of amazing how much games and game songs get forgotten.

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
A blog describing all the quirks of the old web and the Geocities torrent. A great read.

A daily news site talking about and showcasing indie games to the masses. A really neat labor of love that shows games that most people have glossed over or straight-up forgotten.

Relay FM
Huge podcast network of mostly-tech-oriented podcasts, but there's some other stuff in there too.

Old site I used to go on. I love their computer stupidities.

Suricrasia Online
"Suricrasia Online is a Toronto-based ISP staffed entirely by anthropomorphic sharks in maid outfits."

Assorted text files from the early days of the internet. Contains lots of sub-sites and the creator (Jason Scott) is a great archivist ho believes in making copies of everything on the internet, basically. A cool thing to look at if you want to know what the internet was like before the WWW became popular.

The Theresa Duncan CD-ROM collection
An old set of children's CD-ROMs you can emulate instantly in your browser. They're very colorful and like nothing I've ever seen before.

Similar to textfiles, but more concise. Quotes and memories from the pre-WWW/Web 1.0 internet (about 1980-94). Great to read when you're bored.

Cool Creative Tools

Blue Vertigo
A MUST-HAVE resource if you're a graphic designer. Never leave home without it, kids. Contains links to font sites, graphics sites, brushes, and so much more.

Same as above.

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