Name: Spriteclad
Age: 451 (25 in human form)
Pronouns: he or they, either/or
Likes: Homestuck, webcomics, UI design, animation, doodling, drawing UI, procrastinating, eating junk food
Dislikes: slow computers, slow internet, Lenovo, being hungry, computer viruses, actual viruses, asthma, Facebook, edgy people, Trump supporters
Favorite sock: Hanes, 2009 Series HB-3918
Favorite arm: Upper middle
Favorite foods: The souls of the undying. Also pixels
Favorite bands/musicians: Tally Hall, Goldfish, Air, Electric Light Orchestra, Graham Kartna, Joe Hawley, Rob Cantor, Louie Zong, Porter Robinson
Favorite: ********** *** * *******, ******
Other forms: Whale seen off the Pacific coast, red-haired slender woman, rice cake with cartoonish eyes and mouth
Favorite video games: the Portal series, Overwatch, Knytt Stories, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2/3, Burnout 3/Paradise, Minecraft, Starbound, Manyland, Rocket League