Welcome to Spriteclad.com!

If you've visited the site before recently, you might be wondering... "what happened to the splash page?!" Well, don't worry, it's still here, however I've decided to put it on a different page (linked below this message) as to cater to accessibility and not scare people who are very sensitive to sudden audio and slightly-flashing images.

If you're new to the site, you can pretty much ignore that previous paragraph. In which case, WELCOME to my domain! Before you can enjoy my lavious amounts of Web Content, I need you to make a decision between seeing a splash screen before the site begins and not seeing one. If you're sensitive to sudden noises and slightly-flashing graphics, I suggest skipping the splash by selecting the second option below.

Select an option by clicking on it with your PC's pointing device:

> View the splash with sound and slightly-flashing graphics. (Recommended, requires speakers)
> Skip the splash and go straight to the main page.

> If neither of those links work, try this one.

Splash last updated 07/17. 2017 Spriteclad.