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This page contains links to YT channels that SC approves of. Give them your love.

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An interesting man/moose that reviews food, old computer games, old cheesy VHS tapes, and more. Has a really... cynical editing style, if I had to describe it.

A pretty talented space cyborg debunks fake videos with legendary effects and editing. Has been at it for almost a decade. If you had to subscribe to only one channel on this list, make it this one.

Is one of the creators of Battle For Dream Island. Also they do videos about AI and machine learning and stuff.

Like amusement park rides? Like old ABANDONED amusement park rides? Defunctland goes through the history of old, shutdown amusement parks and park rides so you can get your defunct fix.

The Game Show Reviewer
Reviews game shows. One of the only reviewers to have a continuous sci-fi epic story that takes place in-between the actual reviews. The 3D set recreations are pretty good, too.

H. Bomberguy
Guy who makes funny videos making fun of MRAs, and shows why their logic is... honestly, stupid. They also make videos analyzing video games and other forms of media.

The Isle of Rangoon
Like MST3K? Then you're going to LOVE this channel! Two puppets riff and rant on bad old public-domain videos while a mysterious malefactor forces them to. (Though they aren't very evil.) It's fun, quirky, stupid, and a bit nerdy.

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
Ever wanted a well-edited and well-vectored series of images tell you about the future, the present, and the past? Look no further! In a Nutshell provides you with high-quality informational content about technology and the world we live in.

Likes to riff on stupid and funny videos. Also makes games and stuff and they're just a funny and good person to watch.

Used to be a Canadian sketch comedy group, now they mostly do other things such as game streams, radio plays, Let's Plays, wrestling podcasts, MTG stuff, and more! Great bunch of people.

Used to riff on old, bad Let's Play videos, now they riff on bad games and outrageously bad Kickstarters. Funny stuff here.

Todd in the Shadows
Music review channel. Mainly reviews current pop songs and old one-hit wonders nobody remembers anymore. Good stuff.

Tom Scott
One of the most interesting people on YouTube. I can't describe this man in any other way than that. Please watch him.

Has a series in which they review... logos. Mainly VHS/video logos. They also review the companies behind the logos, and it's quite interesting if you have no life, like me.



Jordan Underneath (archive) | (archive 2)UPDATED
Reviews video games, sometimes horror ones. Also talks about depression and how it relates to video games.

(NOTE: This is a link to a channel that has archived Jordan's previous content, because their new one has privated all of it. (The new channel is still good though, although it focuses more on original creations instead of reviews, so.))

Lazy Game Reviews
Has some of the best reviews for computer games, old and new. Also has a thrifting series in which he records himself picking up old pc games at Goodwills, as well as a series showing off odd computer accessories!

Mumbo Jumbo
A semi-popular Minecraft LPer (in fact, one of the only MC LPers I watch anymore). I really like his Hermitcraft videos.

Noah Caldwell-Gervais
A game journalist makes long-form review videos about certain games. He also has a series in which he documents his travels all around the US in his fixer-upper VW bus. You really should watch their road trip videos, they're excellent watches.

Play Different
You've probably seen a bunch of channels on YouTube about old DOS/Windows games, but have you ever seen one that just covers old Mac games? Look no further than Play Different, a channel that covers all that the Mac had to offer in the pre-OS X era.

Ross's Game Dungeon
The best game review channel on YouTube. Everything Ross says about games comes from pure passion and tribulation as he reviews the best and worst obscure games you've ever seen. (Also, it's from the creator of Freeman's Mind, so...)

A raccoon that puts together hilariously-edited clipshows of bad games and video game conferences.

Same as Caddicarus, but with more of a focus on PC point-and-click games. Still British.

Secret Room
Underrated LP channel, with four weird beards talking over good and bad video games.

Super Bunnyhop
Good game reviewer that looks in-depth at different games and parts of game news.

YesterYear's MacDude
Another channel that reviews classic Mac games! These things are few and far between, so I'm glad I'm finding more of them.

An underrated game reviewer with a funny voice (but not too funny it's annoying). Yomarz also reviews Android ripoffs of popular game franchises, and those videos are always fun to watch.

Tech and Computers

The 8-Bit Guy / 8-Bit Keys
Makes informative and entertaining videos on techy subjects. Also has a channel where he talks about and repairs old digital keyboards. Again, more interesting than it sounds.

Computer videos! (And other videos on other antique tech.)

Computer Clan
A channel that does many a computer video. Mainly composed of two peeps, Ken and Brent (though you mostly see Ken on there). Also does the occasional comedy video as well. Very underrated, IMO.

This channel shows off old and obscure viruses and malware for DOS and older versions of Windows, so you can see how wild the virus landscape was before it just devolved into rogue anti-viruses and ransomware.

AMAZING guy who does tech videos with a bit of humor. I just love the way he talks and edits things. (Not many computer reviewers on youtube edit their videos down a lot, you know. And it's kind of sad.)

Friend of mine does videos on 80s/90s hardware and software. Genuinely entertaining and fascinating to watch. (Also, they need a LOT more views.)

Reviews old tech, software, Macs, and PCs. A very under-appreciated tech channel.

The Nostalgia Mall
A computer guy on YouTube who is obsessed with Packard Bells and nostalgia. I don't blame him, since the Packard Bell Navigator is my aesthetic.

Formerly known as WinBeta, this channel posts really well-edited videos on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and other recent Windows developments. A must-watch in my opinion.

The Science Elf
This channel makes interesting videos on software and hardware, such as videos on the history of Club Penguin and Windows Vista, as well as videos on tablet PCs from 2004.

A black female techster does videos about mobile phones, apps, laptops, Apple products, latest tech, etc. Go give them the follow. They deserve it.

Does videos on stereos, record players, obscure music formats... basically interesting tech things that aren't computers. Really good watch. (Also, puppets.)

Even MORE computer videos! (and even MORE other videos on even MORE other antique tech!!!)

See above.

Windows on Windows
A friend of mine who does videos on beta versions of Windows, going through every important beta build of Windows and showing off what never made it in to RTM.

Art and Animation

Bedhead Bernie
Currently has a series called The Cartoon Warehouse, detailing things like lost episodes or shows that never happened. Good stuff. (The odd thing is he never narrates the videos himself, only edits and writes them. Hm.)

Cartoon Drive-Thru
An independent animator who has created many a-good series in the past. Go check this person out.

Same as Jaiden below, but it's a different person. Still fun to watch.

Jaiden Animations
A one-person animator that animates funny sketches and tidbits from her life. Might not be the most animated, but her content will be more worthwhile than any edgy YT animator's video.

Let Me Explain Studios
An ordinary animator animates stories of her life that are anything but ordinary.

Project Nick
Friend of mine that does good animation and videos about text-to-speech voices. I can't describe it more without getting into a long-winded explanation, so. Go watch them.

Puddle (Dakota Star)
Another friend of mine who a) is really cute and b) makes really cute animations and art and is so good and aaaaAAAAAA

A semi-popular animation reviewer that reviews cartoons old and new. Has a thing for goth girls.

A really cool animation reviewer that reviews good and bad animation while even putting in the effort to animate THEIR SONA reviewing said thing, even in the small reviews. An underrated channel you MUST watch.

Music and Sounds

Andrew Huang
Does a LOT of cool stuff with digital music, real-life instruments, etc. Has done alphabetical rap videos, A-to-Z genre compilations, and beats sourcing random YouTube videos. Deffo give this guy a shot if you love music.

Weird Stuff

This is Dan Bell
Reviews dead malls and outrageously gross hotel rooms. It's more entertaining than it sounds.

Laugh Bucket
[no description possible]

Oddity Archive
A man behind a box talks to you about old and interesting things. (It's better than it sounds.)

I... hm. Animations?? I guess??? I....

You've probably heard of the guy who only animates magical girl transformation videos of video game characters, but here's a NICHIER Japanese YT channel for ya: a person who only uploads remixes of songs made with Windows sounds. There's even visuals to go along with the songs, and it's legit one of the most underrated channels I've ever seen. Go check this guy's shit out.

Vince Collins
Really odd and bizarre animator who creates really odd and bizarre 3D animations. You should watch them, I'm reminded of old 90s CD-ROMs with 3D FMVs when I do.

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