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This page contains links to many useful free programs for all devices! You can tell what operating systems they run on by the icons next to each link (see the legend right below this paragraph). All of these programs are free in one way or another.

= Free, but has a premium version
= Source available (click on it in the list to get to it)

= works on Windows-based OSes (just assume it works on anything above vista)
= works on macOS (and/or iOS) devices
= works on Linux (assume it works with Ubuntu/Debian/Mint)
= works on Android phones (assume it doesn't work on anything below KitKat)

= works on Google Chrome (and Vivaldi)
= works on Microsoft Edge (don't assume it works on IE)
= works on Mozilla Firefox (don't assume it works on Pale Moon)
= works on Opera (assume v15 and up)
= works on Safari (assume desktop only)

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A good and simple coding utility that allows you to easily create macros for your computing experience.

Automatically makes your computer screen warmer (in tone) after the sun sets. It's a lot better on your eyes, trust me.

A free alternative to Microsoft Office, although it has a UI similar to Google Docs. I recommend turning off that sidebar when you first download it though, you aren't going to need it.

Phrase Express
A really good phrase expanding tool for your computer. Can expand phrases through key combos and text commands and can do a whole lot more. Free for non-commercial use.

Good mail app that works well with Apple devices and iPhones. Has a smart inbox and a nice design.

A good, light alternative to Adobe Reader for windows. And, since it isn't Adobe, it means most exploit kits and viruses can't exploit it!

XYplorer Free
A cool free File Explorer alternative to Windows. Has filter views, better searching, tabs, and more.

Chat and Messaging

The best chat program i've ever used. Has support for small chats, big chats, chatbots, voice chat, and much more coming soon. Great for gaming.

It's basically a modern-day Trillian or Miranda, as in it's a program that can load multiple modern IM services (such as Facebook or Discord) at once. The downside it that it's basically a glorified tabbed web browser, but whatever. It's still something.

An upcoming private chat system that has private text, video, and voice calls. Good if you're looking to overthrow the government.

Another reasonably private chat system that works on all devices. The best part is that you can add your own sticker packs and send them to your friends!! (A lot of furries use it because of that feature alone.)

A free IRC client for all OSes. Based off of X-Chat. Really nice and good for new users to the IRC platform.

MSN Messenger (via Escargot)
Thought MSN Messenger was dead? Think again, pal, because someone hand-coded a custom server for old versions of MSN that allow you to talk on it again.

Editors and Code

A free HTML and code editor made by GitHub, and is also FOSS and works on all OSes.

Similar to Atom, except it's more geared towards HTML/CSS and not just any programming language.

Sublime Text
Same as above, except it isn't technically free--it's nagware, which means it's basically free. Sort of like WinRAR. It's what I use to edit the site.

Internet and Browsers

Good alternative to FileZilla. Does FTP and SFTP connections, as well as more stuff such as Google Drive and AWS.

Pale Moon
A fork of pre-Australis-based Firefox. If you like Firefox but dislike the Australis/Photon UI, this is the browser for you.

A browser based on Netscape 7 and the old Mozilla browser. Still works and works well on Windows XP.

Really good torrent app that doesn't try to install a Bitcoin miner on your pc like SOME torrent apps do.

A browser for the power user, made by the person who originally made Opera. New features being added all the time. (Based on Chromium / WebKit, though.)

Tor Browser
Want to stay (relatively) hidden on the internet? Use Tor. It's a distributed network that helps websites and other internet ephemera from seeing your real IP. (Note that some services block Tor Browser from using their services, though.) Based on Firefox.

Probably the best FTP client I've ever used on Windows. Has a better UI than FileZilla and CyberDuck and also has built-in PuTTY support.

Creative Tools

A free 3D modeling program (and video editor / game engine, apparently). Good to start off with if you want to go into 3D.

Davinci Resolve
A completely free video editor that's way more powerful than Windows Movie Maker. It's similar to Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere in scale. If you want to be a YouTuber on a budget, I heavily recommend grabbing this.

A free 3D model posing program. Good for if you want to draw poses from 3D models. (Extra characters cost extra.)

A simple art program. I used it before I moved onto Krita.

A way to easily record parts of your desktop and turn it into a GIF afterwards. Useful for tech support or demonstrating something.

HitFilm Express
A FREE video editor and compositor that you can use for YouTube and such. Great for people who don't want to pirate Vegas use Windows Movie Maker.

A free art program that's FOSS and works on all OSes! It has SO MANY BRUSH OPTIONS and it's so easy to make your own customizable brush. I love it. My art program of choice.

Cool free art app that allows you to make 3D voxel art images.

Allows you to create Minecraft mods without a single lick of programming knowledge!

OBS Studio
A good XSplit/CamStudio alternative that lets you stream your desktop or video games to Twitch, YouTube, etc, and lets you record your desktop pretty well too. takes some tweaking to set up right, but it runs great when you do.

A free ANSI/ASCII art creator for modern GUI-based systems.

Paint XP
A copy of the Windows XP version of Paint for later versions of Windows. Incredibly useful. (I think.)

A free alternative to Paint on Windows. Has layers, rotation, plugin support, and more.

A cool ASCII engine that lets you create art and games from ASCII text!

Screenplay writer. Useful for films, YouTube videos, and anything else of that nature.

A really cool program that lets you make your very own point-and-click text-based games! ...I really gotta finish a game with this sometime.

It's what i use to write my site articles. It puts you in this zen-zone of writing without distractions, and even lets you put on typewriter sounds. Free but Windows only. (If you're on macOS or Linux, use FocusWriter instead.)

Music and Sounds

It's sort of like a mix of Foobar and MusicBee (see below). I like it.

The best free audio editor ever made. Can do a lot of basic audio stuff.

A lightweight but extremely customizable music player for desktop and mobile.

Google Play Music Desktop
An unofficial desktop player for Google Play Music. Really useful if you have a GPM All-Access subscription.

A good UI-based batch audio conversion tool for Windows. (Just make sure you set it to not overwite the metadata when converting albums.)

A good tool to edit the metadata information of multiple media files at once. Great to fix those unsightly "Untitled Artist" tracks, since it can also automatically find metadata for you!

Great and versatile music player. Can do podcasts, internet radio, and so much more.

Cool utility that automatically mutes your music player when you're playing audio in a browser tab. Really nice.

Gaming Tools

A free MS-DOS emulator. You can run pretty much any old DOS game on it, like Doom or even Windows 3.1.

Have a bunch of DRM-free games kicking around? Use this to organize them!

Like LaunchBox, but only for Linux.

Playnite NEW!
A FOSS alternative to LaunchBox that works on Windows.

Malware Scanners & Prevention

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
One of the best malware scanners and removers for Windows and Android. Proven through years of security updates and trust.

Sophos Home
A good free anti-virus for both Windows PCs and macOS PCs. Registration required.

PC Customization

A Windows utility that allows you to customize your desktop with many widgets, and even allows you to create your own!

Electric Sheep
A cool screensaver that automatically generates cool desktop art with many other computers over the internet! It's really really neat.

Starfish (Windows / Mac)
A really neat application that generates desktop patterns (tiled or not tiled). A neat utility if you want to have custom backgrounds on webpages.

Misc. Utilities

A really good and lightweight archive utility that's better than WinRAR. Or WinZip. Or anything else, really.

Auto Clicker
Automatically clicks your mouse rapidly based on a hotkey you set up. Simple.

Caffeine (Windows / Mac)
Small utility that keeps your computer from going to sleep. Useful for overnight rendering.

A better alternative to Windows's built-in disk cleaner. Allows cleaning of app caches, multiple web browsers, has a built-in uninstaller, and more utilities. (I don't recommend touching the registry cleaner though.)

"Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows. It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, looking sexy from the start."

File & Image Uploader
Sllows you to easily upload multiple files to multiple locations. Handy for mirroring things.

An alternative to the Windows Photo Viewer (or the Photos app on Windows 10). Shows all your images and allows you to easily scroll through them.

A good program to use if you want to convert files to ISO filess or burn them to discs or whatnot.

Infekt .NFO Viewer
A utility that lets you easily view .nfo files (that often come with... well... you know).

Great, open-source password manager for Windows. Really secure and doesn't depend on the cloud.

K-Lite Codec Pack
Need help playing video (or editing it through your video editing software)? Download one of these codec packs that can fix it! Also includes a nice media player for Windows that's lightweight and good for playing individual files.

A cool ASCII art program that allows you to easily create stunning displays of ASCII art!

A good alternative to LoJack that can help you locate lost or stolen devices, such as phones or laptops.

Easily lets you put any ISO on a thumb drive and makes it bootable. Good for testing out Linux distros or reinstalling Windows.

A REALLY GOOD screenshot program for Windows that's incredibly versatile and has a lot of features. This program blows Gyazo and Lightshot out of the water. You should give it a shot!

A utility that allows you to use the Steam/Google authenticators right on your Windows desktop. Incredibly useful if you don't have your phone on you at all times.

A REALLY versatile command-line app that allows you to mass download YouTube videos and descriptions and thumbnails! It's really good. Works on all OSes.

A GUI version of youtube-dl, for those of you that don't know how to work command-lines. Again, a really good YouTube downloader program, but with the GUI involved, it makes for a somewhat lower learning curve.

Browser Extensions

Checker Plus for GMail/GCalendar/GDrive/etc
A trio of great extensions for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive that let you easily check your email, schedules, and files right within your Chrome window.

Feedly Notifier
It's a popout notifier for Feedly feeds. Useful if you're following a lot of webcomics via RSS like I am.

Tab Outliner
Good if you have a lot of tabs open a lot of the time. You can organize and move them.

Tab Snooze
Extension that can "snooze" tabs so that you can get back to them later. I use it a lot. It's good for reminding me of things.

Lets you add userscripts to a site to enhance its features, change its layout, and more.

Alternate Player for Twitch.tv (Firefox | Chrome)
Can't block Twitch ads with the HTML5 player in Chrome? Does the Twitch player take FOREVER to load with all the webpage guff in the BG? FEAR NO LONGER! Alternate Player for Twitch.tv is a lighter, alternative player to the HTML5 Twitch player, AND it blocks ads! Take THAT, CAPITALISM!!

Twitch Now
Notifies you when your favorite Twitch streamers are online! Useful if you dont want to get emails.

uBlock Origin
Like AdBlock/AdBlock Plus, but without the suck. (did you know AdBlock Plus allows some ads by default?) uBlock blocks more while taking up less space in memory. My ad blocker of choice.

Video Blocker
A browser extension that blocks certain usernames and keywords from appearing on YouTube at all. really Useful if you have a douchey channel that keeps popping up in your recommendations and you don't want to see it anymore.

Other Sites for Free Programs

Lots of old and new software that programmers have made on their free time here. There's even software competitions on the forums, too!

The original free software recommendation site. Since 1995. (please ignore the Treepad ads)

Kiosk Mode
A HUGE plethora of software and drivers that can be very useful for the power user. (Windows-only, sorry!)

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