My YouTube Playlists

These are all the playlists I've saved on YouTube for organization purposes. None of the videos within them are mine.

YouTube Nostalgia / Old YT Videos
A bunch of old videos I've saved from the old era of YouTube (c. 2006-2011). Take a spin through here. You might just find some videos you remember watching long ago.

Just nostalgic things in general.

These Videos Sure Do Exist
Weird, offputting, unsettling and just plain unique things that people have made (or found) and put on YouTube, for everyone to question. I recommend autoplaying this one and setting it to shuffle for best results. New videos added all the time.

These Shitpost Videos Sure Do Exist
Like the above, except this playlist contains videos that were created badly on purpose. You might get a kick out of some of it.

Favorite Music
Some of my favorite tracks I've found on YT.

Favorite Music (Albums)
Some of my favorite albums I've found on YT.

This Is Mine
A collection of old videos that I used to watch when I was obsessed with the game Minecraft. I cared more about the fan-made content than the game itself, which is silly in retrospect, but still. These videos mean a lot to me and you should watch them to see what Minecraft originally was about.

Favorite Ambience
Some ambient tracks I listen to when I'm working.

Favorite Tech Videos
I watch computer videos on YouTube a lot. What can I say? I'm a huge nerd. Here are some of my favorite picks (spoilers: there's a lot of them because I have no life).

Favorite "Windows Mockups" Videos
Some of my favorite Windows Mockups videos on YouTube. Watch 'em all, and enjoy the copious amounts of visual/auditorial Microsoft AU fan-fiction.

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