Due to me not being into DOOM as I thought I was (long story short: I get fatigued with DOOM pretty easily, and even then I was only in it for the mods), I'm not going to be updating this page much anymore. If you want to know what's what with the latest mods, I recommend checking out Doom Mod Madness on YouTube. Thanks in advance!



Okay, enough with the GeoCities-speak. Welcome to my section of the directory where I list off my favorite DOOM mods, WADs, and utlities. (And maybe some resources for other retro FPSes as well. We'll see.) And since DOOM is a staple of the early internet, I've styled this page to look somewhat like the old GeoCities/Angelfire/Xanga pages of yore.

Within this tome you will find LOADS of DOOM mods and whatnot to make your DOOM experience the very best. I'll probably put Quake and Build engine stuff here later. Maybe. No promises. ALSO: If you're completely new to Doom, I recommend watching this video before tackling anything else on this page.

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Various tutorials on all things DOOM-related.

Get Started with GZDoom by ICARUSLIV3S
Completely new to the Doom community and don't know where to start? Start with this video. It basically tells you everything you need to know about using GZDoom (the most popular source port), including setting up mods and keybindings, so you can get started with the demon-shooting game of old.

You Should Make a Doom Level by eevee
A three part tutorial on making a DOOM level for the first time. A really good read if you've ever wanted to get into mapping. It's long, but honestly worth it.

ZDoom Forum Tutorials by various authors
A whole collection of tutorials related to mapping, ZScripting, and more! Useful for more advanced creators.


Basically contains the entire game.

This is basically the contents of the Doom games except they're legal to obtain freely! They recreated all the stuff from scratch so that it's free and legal now. It even has its own campaign, so you should check it out!

Doom on
Buy doom for REAL!! Support Billy Gates by buying it today. (or John Carmak whoever!!1)

A tool that combines all the IWADs into one single file so you can launch mods and play the game easier. Useful if you don't want to futz with multiple IWAD files. Works with Doom 2, the Master Levels, Final Doom, The Ultimate Doom, etc...

Source Ports

They're like clones of Doom, except they run better on your Windows 98 computer. (I'm simplifying, but you get the gist.)

This is generally the source port that most people use nowadays. If you don't know where to start to play DOOM on a modern system, I recommend picking up GZDoom. (Or ZDoom if you're on older hardware.)

Chocolate Doom
This is generally the source port that most people use nowadays. If you don't know where to start to play DOOM on a modern system, I recommend picking up GZDoom. (Or ZDoom if you're on older hardware.)

Doom Retro
Sort of like Chocolate Doom, except it does double-resolution, has a nice widescreen HUD, and has custom console commands! My favorite 'chocolate' source port. (Windows only, though.)

This is generally the source port that most people use nowadays. If you don't know where to start to play DOOM on a modern system, I recommend picking up GZDoom. (Or ZDoom if you're on older hardware.)


These are optional, but if you want to launch Doom easily without using command-line, these programs are your best option.

Rocket Launcher
My launcher of choice. Sleek, simple, and works with all source ports.

Doom Launcher
Like Rocket Launcher, but has some extra features, such as viewing readme files from maps, automatically getting info for maps, viewing demos, savegames, and screenshots, tagging and organizing mods, and more.

A simple and easy launcher, made for ZDoom.

Doomseeker (Multiplayer)
A multiplayer server browser for Doom/Zandronum, that allows you to join servers and easily grab WAD files for them.

Doom Explorer (Multiplayer)
Similar to Doomseeker, except this also works with singleplayer source ports as well, so you can use it to launch everything.

Good Maps

Maps you can replace the Doom levels with when you get bored of the default ones. These are my personal picks and have a seal of approval from yours truly.

Map Repositories
Places where you can find loads of maps!

WADs that take up 15-32 maps (so they're about as long as Doom 1 or 2).

WADs that take up about 5-14 maps (about as long as a DOOM 1 episode, or a third of DOOM 2).

WADs that take up about 2-4 maps.

WADs that are just a single map.

Good Gameplay Mods

Mods that can amplify and change the Doom experience into something different and more fun. (Most of these require some sort of ZDoom for them to work, so check the requirements before downloading.)

AEons of Death by DBThanatos
Adds a huge slew of enemies from different games, and also weapons and powerups. Fun to mess around with.

Babel by Xangi
"Babel was designed around the concept: What can be added to Doom that makes the game more dynamic without detracting from the core gameplay experience? To that end the mod is pretty heavy on the gameplay tweaks and contains a few completely new systems that the enemies use, but overall shouldn't feel overly unlike Doom."

Brutal Doom / Project Brutality by Sergeant_Mark_IV / pa1nki113r
Yaaaaaaaaaawn. Everyone and their dog has played this one at least once. Dunno why I put it on here. (Also to those who are wondering: Project Brutality is its own mod, not an addon to Brutale Doome.)

Brutal Wolfenstein 3D by Zio McCall
YEEAAH. Now we're cooking with hot Nazi flesh. This is Brutal Wolfenstein, a recreation of Wolf3D in Doom with lots of guts and lots of bullets.

Bullet-Eye by Mor'Ladim
Y'all nostalgic for the SNES and its supply of 90s home arcade action? Well GOOD, because you're going to be filled with nostalgia and ultimate power as you play through this mod with weapons straight out of a 90s over-the-top action movie, and powerups only seen in the likes of old Konami games (or something like that). And can YOU defeat enemies to grasp hold of the semi-legendary BULLET-EYE?!

Cola 3 by Corwin B.
This mod has a lot of pretty cool weapons, but the gimmick here is that they get upgraded the better you do, and downgraded the worse you do. It's quite fun once you get into the swing of things.

Combined Arms by Combine_Kegan
Kind of an overkill mod, but not as overkill as Russian Overkill, so. A small-ish but good selection of weapons lie within.

Complex Doom by styd051
Makes Doom... more complex, I suppose. It replaces enemies and weapons with more modern variations, weapons now need reloading, it adds special effects and particles, etc. Works well with singleplayer and co-op.

D4D (Doom 4 for Doom) by Major Cooke
Aims to recreate the DOOM 2016 experience in Doom 2. Has the weapons, upgrades, monsters, and whatnot. Overall, a pretty interesting blend of old and new.

D4T (Death Foretold) by DBThanatos
Aims to recreate the DOOM 2016 experience in Doom 2, but unlike D4D, it also has full Android capability. As a result, the mod is more simplified and has less flair (e.g. you can't buy upgrades, you can only pick them up at random), but I feel it's just as fun as D4D.

Dakka by jinotrain
Yet another OP mod, but with guns that aren't /as/ OP as the other mods. A work-in-progress mod, but still deserves a shot nonetheless.

Demonsteele by TerminusEst13

Doom Delta by DrPyspy
Remember the old beta/alpha versions of Doom? This mod aims to recreate the old UIs, characters, and DOOM-isms that were in the game before the Doom Bible was axed from retail release.

DoomRL Arsenal by Yholl
Remember DoomRL, the roguelike demake of Doom? This takes content from that and smushes it into regular Doom. Adds new weapons, new enemy types, a new armor system, and much more.

Final Doomer+ by Sgt. Shivers
The first and only mod I've seen that has custom weapon selections and UI aesthetics for certain map packs. Compatible packs include Ancient Aliens, the Japanese Community Pack, and more.

GMOTA by Combine_Kegan
GET MEDIEVAL ON THEIR ASSES. You are a lowly knight who also may or may not have some mage experience, and you've got to kill all the demons while suffering in the Middle Ages. You only have two weapons, however they both have different forms that you can use, so it's not all bad.

Hearts of Demons: Baron by Brohnesorge
You play as a Hell Knight who thinks the current system of "invading Earth only to kill humans" is straight-up wack, so you rebel against your demon friends in full force. You have Hell Orbs, guns you can enchant, spells you can use, meteors you can summon from the sky, and over a thousand health. I recommend playing this mod with slaughter maps so you can at least have a semblance of a fair fight.

Hellshots Golf by TerminusEst13 & others

Hideous Destructor by Vaecrius
A more realistic approach to Doom, with slower walkspeeds, different classes, inventories, bleeding, and more. Make sure you read the topic before downloading.

High Noon Drifter by TerminusEst13
Have you ever wanted to play Doom, but you wanted to play it as a revolver-totin' rustlin-tustlin' cowboy? Look no further than the magnificent High Noon Drifter mod. Contains a bearable selection of weaponry, as well as a whip and a hat you can throw.

HXRTC Project by Hexereticdoom
This is basically an addon for Doom that adds a BUNCH of weapons, new enemy types, items, and whatnot. Good if you're starting to get bored with Vanilla Doom.

Juvenile Power Fantasy by Kinsie
Everything is powerful and so are you. Come into the fray by sliding and whacking monsters with a chair. Also, pick up some weapons or else you'll most likely die. You're OP, but so are the monsters. It's a pretty good challenge. Not for the faint of heart. (Also, there's in-game mutators, so.)

Kriegsland by GAA1992
It's Wolfenstein time! Adds those good ol' fun-loving Nazis to the mix, and a nice selection of weapons for you to rightfully end their lives with. Has over 70 different enemy varients, 20 weapons, dual wielding, kicking and grenades, and more!

LegenDoom by Yholl
You know those Legendary monsters from Fallout 4? This mod brings those to Doom. Random enemies on the map are chosen to be Legendary enemies, which take more hits and deal more damage. Once you kill one of them, you get a random Legendary weapon, which have effects that can increase your damage, health, armor, or other whatnots!

Lithium by Marrub
The year is 21XX. The world has bore witness to flying cars, neon signage, global warming, smog, and DEMONS. You are a cybernetically-modified Marine that makes use of the custom upgrade system to automatically upgrade your abilities and stats on the fly. You can also play as the Cyber-Mage, the spell-casting pawn of a cult-poration, that can use spells.

MetaDoom by Kinsie
Somewhat like Doom Delta, this mod combines a lot of different items and weapons from different Doom Games, including Doom 1, 2, 3, DOOM 2016, Doom RPG, DoomRL, etc. It's an interesting compilation.

Metroid Dreadnought by TerminusEst13
You ever wanted to shoot demons as Samus Aran in here Prime attire? Boy oh BOY, do I have the perfect mod for you...

ModOhFun! by Darsycho
RAANNNDOOOM WEEAPPOONNSS. And enemies. Seriously, it's kind of amazing. Go play it.

Pogostick by ???
Remember Commander Keen? Yep, that's where the name of this mod comes from. There sadly isn't any pogosticks in this mod, but there is some awesome DOOM 2D sidescrolling action. Give it a look. (DL link is in the video description.)

Quake Champions: Doom Edition by DBThanatos
Like the gameplay of Quake Champions, but prefer the aliased graphics of the original DOOM? Get ready to gib every player you meet in this 32-bit recreation of every 90's FPS nerd's favorite arena shooter!

Russian Overkill by PillowBlaster
You think YOUR mod has a lot of OP weapons? Think again, pal. This mod has a ZILLION weapons, some with FOUR FIRE MODES, and some of them even have SUPER variations that can summon black holes, nukes from the sky, you name it. This is the ultimate definition of overkill. I recommend everyone play this mod at least once.

Samsara by TerminusEst13 and Kinsie
A deathmatch-preferred mod that lets you play as MANY different protagonists from the 90s FPS era. Duke Nukem, Chex Quest Guy, Hexen/Hereticguy, Quakeguy, you name it. Extremely fun to use in deathmatch.

Skulldash by Joshua O'Sullivan
A fast-paced arcade-style mod where you have to collect ALL of the tokens in a certain level... or you DIE. Also, you have to fight hellspawn, so that's lovely. A simple idea, but it's so fun to play.

SNES Jukebox by Cryomundus
Not really a gameplay mod, but figured I'd put it here anyway. This is a mod that replaces all the music in ANY map, and has almost 1000 songs within it. All the songs are from various SNES games. You can change song by typing in "SONGXXX" where XXX is the song number in the console.

Space Hunter by Combine_Kegan
A Metroid I-inspired mod that has you take the reins of a NES-styled space-laser-gun that can be upgraded via pickups, and it can also shoot missles. A simple mod, but a fun one nonetheless.

The Guncaster by PillowBlaster
You're an OP scalie. That's about it, really.

The Trailblazer by PillowBlaster
You are a basic 80s action movie hero named Malcolm Striker (the one with the scruffy beard, eyepatch, and jacknife), and you must TAKE DOWN their arch-enemy Vladimir Vladimir WITH YOUR KICK-BUTT ARESNAL. Slice enemies with your boomerang knife, dual shotgun your way through the Pinkies, and smoke some cigs to refuel your health. Live the dream. Shoot some demons. Save the world.

The Trooper by TheRailgunner
You're just another badass that has a particularly somewhat-overkill weapon selection and at least TWO types of ammo for each one. New weapons, enemies, ammo types, and health regeneration lie within this mod.

Good Total Conversions

Mods that can amplify and change the Doom experience into something different and more fun.

(NOTE: Some of these are standalone, however some still need a source port (preferably GZdoom) for it to run. Check the website/forum post before downloading.)

The Adventures of Square by Big Brik
You are a Square. The evil Circles have captured the brilliant Doctor Octagon, and it is up to YOU to glob all the circles and find the Doctor fair and square! Play through nine fully-original levels, and with completely original weapons to boot!

Castlevania: Simon's Destiny by Batandy
"Castlevania : Simon's Destiny is a standalone non-profit GZDOOM based fan game born as a love letter to this legendary franchise. This mod aims to reinvent the very first NES title of the franchise with a nostalgic yet brand new first person gameplay. All the levels from the classic NES era game have been reimagined like never before, experience the tale of Simon's fight against Dracula and his army of the night!"

The Crimson Deed by Batandy
"The Crimson Deed is an immersive exploration based first person shooter starring Vesper, a vampire that has emerged from a long slumber into a world she no longer recognizes. Explore the ruins of a fallen kingdom, and uncover the truth behind its downfall as you fend off vicious foes with powerful weapons and abilities!"

Doom 64: Retribution by Nevander
It's basically a remake of Doom 64 to the GZDoom engine. It's intended to be a full remake, basically identical to the original game.

Doom: The Golden Souls by Batandy
Did you love Super Mario 64 as a kid? If so, then this is the mod for you. This combines the world-traversing and star-collecting of SM64 with the first-personness and demon-killing of DOOM! There's even a demo of the sequel that's coming out soon.

(WIP) Gloom Busters by Skelegant
Remember Chex Quest? Where you had to 'zorch' the enemies instead of killing them? This is sort of like that, except this is a lot more cutesy and you 'purify' enemies instead of killing them. It's an adorable mod, even if the sound effects can be grating at times.

Hocus Pocus Doom by ravage
Based on an old DOS game that nobody remembers, Hocus Pocus Doom changes the bloody world of doom into something more mystical and DOS-platformy.

Pirate Doom by Arch
ARGH ME MATEY, IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR MUSKET AND SHOOT SOME HELLSPAWN. AARRGGHHH. Everything is now pirate-related. Items, maps, enemies, you name it. If you're homesick for the sea, then you might wanna give this a shot. (Johnny Depp not included, sadly.)

Reelism Gold by Kinsie
Now HERE'S a new way to play Doom: play through rounds of randomly-chosen enemies, weapons, and mutators. Not as easy as it sounds. Can you survive the waves of random enemies and stay alive long enough to kill the boss at the end?

Shadow of the Wool Ball by MSPaintR0cks
You're a furry that has to escape a huge-as-heck jail set up by green-eyed Nazi analogue furries. With gameplay inspired by Wolfenstein 3D, you really can't go wrong here.

Strange AEons by Mike Macdee
A Lovecraftian atmospheric partial conversion that has over 40 levels in it. Reunite with your dead son by travelling to different realms.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 by various authors
A 3D Sonic game. In the Doom engine. Made originally in 2001. I don't see how this can get any better.

Soundless Mound by Marisa Kirisame
A Silent Hill-based single map TC, originally made for Vinesauce Joel's Doom Mapping Contest II.

Rise of the Wool Ball by MSPaintR0cks
Sequel to Shadow of the Wool Ball. Those stupid green-eyed furries from the first game are back, and it's up to Rebecca (this game's protagonist) to stop them. Again. For real this time. Contains gameplay inspired by Rise of the Triad (and other games), and also has a bunch of really cool bosses.

(WIP) Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony by various authors
You are BJ Blazkowicz reprising their role as a Nazi-killing SOB, basically, as you trudge through state of the art 3-D Nazi prisons, escort friendly Allies, and go through many different missions with weapons in tow. Two chapters are available as of writing.


Mapping programs and other utilities to enhance your DOOM experience. (WAD launchers are located in the Launchers section, near the top of the page.)

A very versatile WAD editor and map maker combo. Works with vanilla and GZDoom maps.

GZDoom Builder
A map maker that has features specific to the GZDoom source port. Very versatile. Windows-only.

If there are any broken links on the page or if you have suggestions for mods/maps, hit me up via my contact page. Thanks!

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