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This page contains links to bots, server lists, and other things which are useful to people who use Discord! Really good stuff here. Trust me. Would I lie?

= this bot is open-source (and you can host the bot yourself)
= this bot has a web-enabled dashboard (to easily customize your bot)
= this bot can do mod/admin utilities (kicking/banning etc)
= this bot can play music
= this bot can measure xp/levels
= this bot has a(n imaginary) currency system
= this bot can stop text spam
= this bot can log user actions
= this bot can tag items (or create custom commands / reactions)

Discord Guides

Discord Guides
New to Discord? Don't know what it is exactly? That's okay! This site will show you how to use it on desktop and mobile, how to set up your own server, and more!

General Discord Bots

A big bot you can host for yourself that contains features such as music, NSFW, a currency system and gambling, games, custom reactions, text/spam filtering, meme generation, and much more. If you had to pick one bot to use for your Discord server, this would be it.

It's a bot that gives you xp and levels the more you talk, and you can spend said xp on backgrounds for user cards you get with the bot. And badges. Also it does other stuff too.

A standard bot, except that you can add any user-made module to extend your bot's features, on top of the bot being open-source. Make Red your own personal bot with lots of commands!

Basically your regular Discord bot, except the auto response system is really versatile and can pull a lot of keys. You can pretty much automate your bot.

A bot that makes it really easy to do mod/admin commands such as kicking, banning, role modification, etc via text. Also includes text and spam filtering.

A simple musicbot that you can set up and host yourself. Allows you to input a YouTube playlist that automatically plays when nothing else is queued, for INFINITE MUSIC.

Another general Discord bot, used in a lot of servers.

A bot that can record people talking in a voice channel, and it records in such a way that every person is seperated into a different track into the audio, making it great for video editing. Useful for Lets' Plays.

Have any Trello boards? This bot lets you edit boards and lists, as well notifying servers of card updates!

Novelty Discord Bots

Remember Microsoft Comic Chat? yeah, don't lie. you do. This bot allows you to take your Discord conversations and convert them into Comic Chat comics! (Plus it can do a few other things, like YouTube stream notifications, etc.)

Allows you to play old text adventures (e.g. Zork) with your friends!

A bot that puts a Santa hat on your avatar. That's it.

Airhorn Solutions
A bot that just makes an airhorn noise when you're in a voice channel. That's it.

Discord Pizza
Get hot, fresh, tasty imaginary pizza delivered to you in any Discord server with this bot!

You can play an entire RPG (battles, enemies, achievements) through Discord with this bot!

Discord Bot Collections

DiscordBots.org NEW!
A bot browser with a unique design and it gives off commands and info for each bot at a single glance, so you don't need to add a bot to a server to see what it does!

Carbonitex Bots
A list of various Discord bots, their popularity, and their features.

Discord.pw bots
More of the same, except you can search through the bots and you can see what api the bots are based on at a glance.

Discordlist.net bots
Pretty much the same as above!

Discord Server Lists

Here are some server lists that you can use to find servers on Discord:

Other Stuff

This is an app that hooks into your Discord installation and adds several features to it, such as custom themes and plugins to enhance the experience. There's a bunch of stuff in here, so try it out!

Text-to-Emote Converter
Allows you to convert regular text to emoji that displays the same text but... in blue boxes, if that makes any sense. Look, kid, it's 1AM on a Sunday. You think I've got enough mental sanity at this point to explain it any better?

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