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This page contains links to many free games you can play pretty much instantly! I made this page so that nobody can be bored while they're on the internet when they have a huge list of SC-approved games to play. Feel free to bookmark this page (Ctrl+D / Cmd-D) so you can get back to it later!

= Free, but has a premium option (or has microtransactions)

= Works on Windows OSes (just assume it works on anything above Vista)
= Works on macOS (and/or iOS) devices
= Works on Linux (assume it works with Ubuntu/Debian/Mint)

= Works on pretty much all web browsers

= Game is multiplayer or multiplayer-capable

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Board and Card

Play board games (Checkers, Chess, AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, REVERSI) with your friends online!


Board Game Online
Play an online board game with your friends. Do I need to say anything more?

It's Worms(tm), but open-source.

Super Mario War
A fun battle platformer that involves a bunch of Marios stomping on each other. Includes a ton of maps and gamemodes!

Liero NEW!
You're a worm. Shoot the other worm and win.


Free Rider HD
Like Line Rider, except you can f**k up a lot. As in you ride a bike and you can crash. It's basically Line Rider mixed with the Trials games.

Knytt Stories
My favorite Nifflas game. A screen-by-screen platformer that takes place in any universe you want. I love the level editor and some of the levels users have created over the years. This game has a special place in my heart.

Mega Man Maker
Like Super Mario Bros. X, except with Megaman! Make your own mega-levels with your own mega-bosses and publish them to the MEGA-WEB!!

Make a Good Megaman Level
A HUUUGE collaboration of over 100 levels made by different people using the same engine as Mega Maker. If you're into old-school platformy goodness on a budget, this is the place to get it.

Super Mario Bros. X2
An unofficial update to the fan-based Super Mario Bros. clone for Windows. Make your own levels and worlds for Mario or play other peoples' worlds! It's like Mario Maker turned up to 11.

Yo Noid!! II NEW!
The official sequel to the hit 90s platformer based off the hit 90s mascot that everyone loves. Please play it.


A roguelike game, similar to games like NetHack. Made to be simple for newcomers to the genre.

A 2D turn-based roguelike remake of the original FPS DOOM.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup NEW!
An interesting roguelike that you can play inside your browser if you really wanted to. I don't have much more to say about it, though.

A cool RPG survival roguelike with pixel graphics. set out with a team to search for treasures!


Children of Ur
An online casual RPG based off of the game Glitch. Currently in early access.

The Cleft of Dimensions
A MUSH like 8bitMUSH, except this has more to do with video games. and such. It's like a multiplayer text-based RPG.

A multiplayer version of the Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen games!
(You need a legitimate Pokemon ROM to play.)

Yume Nikki
Explore your dreams. Very creepy but interesting RPG from 2004. Don't play if you're young.

Sandboxes and Simulations

A free-to-play Minecraft clone that allows you to easily create your own servers. Also has nice graphics and some other different things but I wouldn't know since I haven't played it yet so uh

A FOSS clone of Minecraft, basically. Not a whole lot else to say other that it's naturally faster since it isn't Java-based. #burn #owned #ownage #yolo #heygamers

OpenRCT2 (RollerCoaster Tycoon 2)
A FOSS version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2! Has multiplayer support!
(You currently need a legitimate copy of RCT2 to play.)

OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)
A FOSS version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe! It is oddly theraputic... yet I still don't know how to play it.

The Powder Toy (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)
Remember those old 2D sand physics games you would play in lunch period? This is basically the amalgamation of all of those combined. Lots of stuff to play with and mess around here.


Build and Shoot (Ace of Spades)
Build your way to victory! It's like the new Ace of Spades except not completely shovelware.

ET: Legacy (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory)
A rehash of the old multiplayer FPS game, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Shoot Nazis and have fun while doing so.

Freedoom (DOOM / DOOM II)
A completely free and legal clone of DOOM that uses its own copyright-free assets. Good if you're a cheapskate that hasn't even played one of the first modern FPSes yet. Also has its own original campaigns, so even if you've played DOOM to bits, you'll still get something new with Freedoom. Also compatible with a bunch of WADs. (You'll need an external program to play it. I recommend Crispy Doom.)

Project Cartographer (Halo 2)
A patch of the old Halo 2 application that makes it work with custom servers hosted by Project Cartographer (instead of relying on the dead GFWL service).

ElDewrito (Halo 3 / Halo Online)
"Halo Online was a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by Saber Interactive and published by Innova Software, and has since been shut down. The game was only released in Russia, but can be played without region restrictions using ElDewrito."

Shoot, shoot, shoot. A free arena shooter similar to Quake.

A free old-school 2D multiplayer shooter where you play as a cute blob-thing with a grappling hook and an arsenal of weapons to blow up your enemies. Oddly cute.


SCP Containment Breach
A horror survival game where you have to escape the many monsters that the SCP facility has. Not for the faint of heart.


Pokemon Showdown
Battle Pokemon with people all over the globe! Not officially sanctioned by Nintendo.

You play as balls trying to capture the flag while popping other balls. It's more fun than it sounds, trust me.

You're a mouse. The shaman mouse has to create a path to get all the other mice to the cheese. Shenanigans ensue.
(Requires Flash Player.)

Visual Novels

Coming Out Simulator 2014
If you're queer, then you are probably going to relate to this game's protagonist. And if you aren't, then play it anyway. It's short, yet emotional.

Digital: A Love Story
An e-mystery/drama that's set in 1988. You are the proud owner of a new computer and BBS system and you must BROWSE THE INTERNET. Is there more than meets the eye?

Emily is Away
Play as a young college student in 2004 as you try to chat with a fellow classmate over AIM called Emily. If you're young, this is basically a window into what the 2000s were like for chatting with people on the computer.

Virtual Worlds

Remember MUSHes? Me neither. But they were basically predecessors to modern MMORPGS. And they were text-only. Except for THIS one, which has really neat ANSI graphics everywhere you go! You should check it out!f

Blockland Classic
Some downloads of the older, free-er versions of Blockland. All of these are free except for v20, which has a free demo.

CPPS / Club Penguin Rewritten (Club Penguin private servers)
Private servers of the old Club Penguin game (before it shut down in March 2017). No filters, we waddle like men.

FreeSO (The Sims Online)
A FOSS version of The Sims Online! Play the Sims 1 aesthetic With Friends™!

A world where you create all the tiles you stand on and look at around you with pixel art. It's really neat. (There's even a version on Steam, too.)

Finobe (Roblox Classic)
A clone of the older 2007/2010/2012 versions of Roblox. Perfect for that nostalgia factor.


Acrofever NEW!
"If you never played Acrophobia, it's a fun, zany word game in which players create phrases from a randomly generated acronym, then vote for their favourites. The best Acro from each round will score points, and the most popular Acros from a whole game might be immortalised in the Hall of Fame!"

CPPS / Club Penguin Rewritten (Club Penguin private servers)
Private servers of the old Club Penguin game (before it shut down in March 2017). No filters, we waddle like men.

Kye NEW!
An old puzzle game where you're a tiny lil' green thing namned Kye and you have to collect diamonds without getting hit by monsters. It was originally from the 90s, but has since been remade to work on modern systems.

The Phone
It's for you.
(Requires Flash Player.)


The spritual successor to ZZT (see below), with way more features and way cooler levels. Also, it's on pretty much every platform (except mobile).

Multiplayer Piano
Play piano with other people online. What else is there to say?

Tetrageddon Games
Not going to explain this one. Download it and play for yourself.

The original top-down ASCII exploration game for DOS. Has quite a bit of legacy around it, especially since its level editor created a once-thriving community.
(Requires DOSBox.)

Other Game Sites

Free Game Planet
Tried every game on this page and none of them really seem to fit you? FEAR NO MORE! This site contains HUNDREDS of free and unknown games for you to try out! Bookmark it for later; it's a cool site to use if you get bored!

A website that shows off free unknown indie games for you to try out. Updates around once a week.

A heck-ton of .io games, not much I can say other than that.

itch.io Free Games
(Surprisingly not an .io game.) The biggest indie game repository on the internet. You can find a lot of things here for all kinds of platforms. Feel free to browse around!

New games featured here every day. Includes a huge backlog of games dating to 2003. You're sure to find something good.

Mario Fan Games Galaxy
A site filled to the brim with Mario fan games for the PC. Lots of stuff to play here. Some good, some bad, play stuff at your own risk.

Hundreds of original free games made by one singular group. The pixel art is excellent. There are mobile games too!
(Needs Flash Player to run most of the games.)

Sonic Fan Games HQ
SAWWWNNIIICCKKK fan games lie within. If you don't know where to start, I recommend checking out the SAGE sub-site. Nevermind, apparently that's down now. Oops.

Warp Door
Another site that shows off free indie games. Lots of stuff to comb through here.

Glorious Trainwrecks
An indie games space where all the games showcased are just creative nonsense that shines in its own right.

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