Doomed. // 2017-09-16

HEYO, I'm back. For now. The reason I'm updating this conksunk blog is because I made a DOOOOOOOOOOOOM fanpage. It's good. It has a lot of links to mods and more. Go check it out. The second reason I'm currently writing in this blog is because I've updated a bunch of the site without a) incrementing the version or b) writing about it in the changelog. Sorry. I've just had these ideas for minor site changes in my head for a bit now, and I feel piling them up into a big site update just feels like I'm wasting time. So yeah, I'll probably just do minor updates around the site and then occasionally write changelogs that review all the minor changes I've made in the past few weeks or so. When a BIG site update comes out, I'll let you know in advance. Don't worry.

And that's about it, I think. New splash page coming soon. I think.

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Packing up (literally and metaphorically). // 2017-06-08

[This blog post has temporarily been relocated to a warehouse in Chicago. It will return soon enough.]

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welcome back. // 2017-01-19

welp, the site's back. hi. how's it been, fellas? been a while, yep.


[awkward silence]

so, uh. welcome to my new direction for the site. it's a lot less 90's, and i'm very proud of that fact. the only reason i had my old site be old-school html is so that it could work with old computers (you know, the kind that vintage computer collectors, well, collect.) i am sadly retiring this aspect of the site and now everything is html5-and-css3 powered. sorry about that. (not sorry.) however, i have since uploaded a page filled with websites (that are STILL UP, MIND YOU) that work on older browsers and older hardware. so go check that out if you find that to be interesting.

but yeah, everything's back. the works page is down for now (again) but that's because i'm going to prettify it this time instead of having it be a list of links that nobody will click on. i also added a "junk" page for all the pages on this site that have almost no purpose (like the old sites page i just mentioned).

i'm also going to be putting up a new article soon that involves me going through the "Random" section on neocities' websites page and posting what cool new sites i find. i think i'll make it an ongoing series.

FINALLY, and this is the most important thing i wanted to talk about: this website will not be my main form of expression from myself. oh, no no no. i am going to mainly be focusing on making videos for my youtube channel, and this website will be a supplement to that. the first video i upload will be a top 10 list (cliche, i know) of the top 10 games i'm hyped for for 2017/2018/2019/2094/whatever. i also plan to make more obscure game review videos, videos on games that were never finished, and i'm also going to do a series on just... weird tech stuff that nobody else but me has heard of, pretty much. it's gonna be big in 2017. just you wait.

anyways, that's all for now.

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01-12-2017 12:21 pm

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